Using Mods on the Empire

Mar 3, 2021
Using Mods on the Empire
  • Using Mods on EMC
    Learn what mods you are and are not allowed to use on Empire Minecraft.
    If a mod is not listed on any of the lists, it is considered disallowed. To have it considered for addition, you may Request a Mod.
    Mod Classifications
    Empire Minecraft decides the classification of mods based on how they affect the gameplay of the player. There are 4 primary classifications. Please note that even if a mod is approved, using it in an abusive manner to cheat/bypass any intended gameplay is never allowed. Example: Use of any modification to see in the dark during a blind maze event.
    • Approved (Legal)
      • May include mods such as Shaders and Inventory Tweaks, or other mods that have no effect on physical game ability and are focused on player aesthetics.
    • Conditionally Allowed
      • Includes mods such as Schematica, World Downloader, and Macros, that while they are usually harmless, there are some restrictions in place regarding the use of them on EMC in order to prevent abuse of certain aspects of gameplay.
    • Disallowed (Illegal)
      • Mods such as x-ray, speed hacks, etc that are never allowed because they allow an advantage over other players.
    • Incompatible
      • Mods that when installed, will not work on EMC. This includes mods that are geared specifically towards Single Player or mods that require server side plugins which we do not have installed.

    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.