Jun 4, 2023
  • Empires is EMC's custom guild system for creating permanent Groups for shared communications, group building, and other Minecraft activities.

    General Information(top)

    Empires is a custom guild system created by the Empire Developers.

    Creating an Empire(top)

    Players can create their own Empires and choose the name, color, tag, and roles for their Empire. Empire tags are one to four characters in length, and must be unique for each Empire. Only one player is needed to start an Empire. Creating an Empire has a one time fee of 25,000 Rupees.
    • /empire create <name> <tag> - Allows you to create your own Empire.
    • /empire changecolor <empire> <color> - Sets the Empire's color.
    • /empire changename <empire> <newname> - Changes the name of your Empire.
    • /empire changetag <empire> <newtag> - Changes the tag of your Empire.
    • Not available yet: /empire expandroles <empire> - Expand the number of roles available for the Empire.
    • Not available yet: /empire expandmembers <empire> - Expand the number of members available for the Empire.

    Joining and Leaving Empires(top)

    • /empire invite <empire> <player> - Invites another player to the Empire.
    • /empire uninvite <empire> <player> - Removes an invite to another player for joining the Empire.
    • /empire accept <empire> - Accept an invite to join an Empire.
    • /empire decline <empire> - Declines an invite to join an Empire, and blocks new invites from that Empire for 15 days.
    • /empire declinepermanent <empire> - Declines an invite to join an Empire permanently.
    • /empire undecline <empire> - Removes a declined invitation to join an Empire.
    • /empire kick <empire> <player> <reason> - Kicks a member from the Empire.
    • /empire leave <empire> <reason> - Leaves an Empire.

    Empire Notices(top)

    • /empire notice check <empire> - Displays count of unread notices for an Empire.
    • /empire notice read <empire> - Displays unread notices, Or history if no unread notices exist.
    • /empire notice history <empire> <page> - Displays the history of notices for the specified Empire.
    • /empire notice add <empire> <message> - creates a new notice for the specified Empire.
    • /empire notice newofficer <empire> <message> - Creates a new notice for the specified Empire, only viewable by officers.
    • /empire notice remove <empire> - Removes an Empire notice.

    Miscellaneous Empire Features(top)

    • /empire listempires <player> - Lists all Empires a player is a member of.
    • /empire online - Lists online members of all Empires you are a member of.
    • /empire online <empire> - Lists all online members of a specific Empire.
    • /empire info <empire> - Displays general information about a specific Empire.
    • /empire primary - Displays your current primary Empire.
    • /empire primary <player> - Displays primary Empire of the specified player.
    • /empire setprimary <empire> - sets your primary Empire.
    • /empire broadcast <empire> <message> - Broadcasts a message to all online Empire members.
    • /empire title set <empire> <player> <title> - Sets a title for a specific player.
    • /empire title remove <empire> <player> - Removes a player's title.

    Viewing Empire Logs(top)

    Logs are available to keep track of changes within Empires. They are separated into the three categories of general, bank, and roles. Some logs are viewable by all members, whereas others are only viewable by the admins of the Empire.

    General Logs(top)

    • /log empire general <empire> [page] - Shows general logs for an Empire
    • /empire log general <emprie> [page]

    Bank Logs(top)

    • /log empire bank <empire> [page] - Shows bank logs for an Empire.
    • /empire log bank <empire> [page]

    Role Logs(top)

    • /log empire roles <empire> [page] - Shows role logs for an Empire.
    • /empire log roles <empire> [page]

    Known Future Updates(top)

    There are a few known future updates for Empires, including:
    • Integration of Empires into the Antigrief system.
    • An outposts update to give more Empire-level control in wilderness outposts.
    • Discord linking for Empires.
    • An application system for onboarding new members into an Empire.
    Information on EMC’s custom Empire system.