Oct 25, 2022
  • Every SMP server has a Town world that contains over 1,500 residences, each of them 60x60 blocks in size. Your residence is where you will want to build your home and store all of your precious resources. In the Town, the only place you can build is your residence, or the residence of a friend that assigns you the correct Flags. Residences only have dirt under them, so you will need to venture into the Wastelands to gather resources.

    General information(top)

    Free (non-supporter) players can only claim one residence within the entire Empire (so they cannot go to each SMP server and claim a residence within that server). However, Gold Supporters can get one extra residence and Diamond Supporters can claim up to three extra residences. See the Supporter page for more information.

    New players now automatically claim a residence upon finishing the tutorial, and will have a few helpful signs and a chest to store their items on their Residence.

    By default, only the residence's owner is able to do anything on a residence. However, using the Flags system will make it easy for you to allow other players to do things on your Residence if you want them to.

    As the owner of a residence, you may also set the spawn point with /res tpset and add additional teleport signs to get around using the Residential Teleportation System (see the Feature Signs page) or with Residence Locations.

    You can view the owner, the players with Flags, and the Derelict Status of a residence by using /res info or by clicking on a residence while holding a bone.

    Claiming a residence(top)

    There are two ways to find an empty residence. The easiest way to find an empty residence is to use the command /v open. This will take you to a random open residence every time you type it. From there, type /claim to claim the residence.

    Claiming a residence next to friends(top)

    The second way is choosing a specific residence, specifically where you want to be in the Town and who your neighbors are going to be. To do this, look at the Live Map. You can find it on the servers page, and you will see open residences highlighted in orange. Click on an open residence, and it will give you the address so you can use it to visit it in-game. Some servers may not have open residences to claim. To check what servers have available residences, consult the server list on the Servers page.

    Force-claiming a residence(top)

    If you would like to claim a residence owned by a player who is both derelict and has been offline for greater than 6 months, you can do so provided that you are willing to pay 5,000 Rupees, and have an open residence slot. If you are a new player who joined the Empire less than three hours ago, you can force-claim a residence for free! When a Residence is force-claimed, it is also reset.

    /res forceclaim - force-claim a derelict residence

    Resetting or unclaiming a residence(top)

    You may reset or unclaim your residence if you wish. Doing either of these will permanently delete everything within your residence. This includes chests with items in them. When you unclaim a residence, you also give up ownership of it. This will allow you to claim a new residence.

    You can only unclaim or reset your residence once every hour. Changing your name will also trigger the same cool-down timer.

    You may be given a small puzzle to complete before either command goes through to make sure you are certain about resetting or unclaiming the residence.

    /res reset - Reset a residence (you must be standing within it)
    /res unclaim - Unclaim a residence (you must be standing within it)

    Address system(top)

    Empire Minecraft uses a unique addressing system for residences. Every residence has an address that is unique and Empire-wide (there is only one residence per address number). You can find the address of a residence either by clicking on it on the Live Map, standing in it and using the command /res info, or by clicking on a residence while holding a bone.

    Enter/leave messages(top)

    All residences have an enter and exit message to tell players what residence they have visited. The default message is "[Welcome to | Leaving] [player]-[#]'s Residence]"; however, all players have the option of choosing from a variety of message styles through the following command:
    • /res message default <argument> - Resets all res messages. Available arguments are:
      • owner - Sets the messages to "Welcome to [owner]'s Residence" and "Leaving [owner]'s Residence"
      • address - Sets the messages to "Welcome to Residence [Res Number]" and "Leaving Residence [Res Number]"
      • name - Sets the messages to "Welcome to Residence [owner]-[#]" and "Leaving Residence [owner]-[#]"
    Gold and Diamond supporters can further personalize their residence messages with the use of custom colors and text formatting. See below for information on this.

    Custom enter/leave messages(top)

    Gold and Diamond supporters can customize these enter/leave messages to say whatever they want. As a supporter, you can use color codes and formatting codes (available in the Formatted Signs section) in custom messages. You can also use %player or %colorplayer in the message, which will be replaced with the player's username. Note that you cannot remove the message's prefix.
    • /res message enter <your message> - Customize the enter message of your residence
    • /res message leave <your message> - Customize the exit message of your residence
    If you are a gold/diamond supporter you can also remove your res message completely with the following command:
    • /res message remove [enter/leave] - Clears the residence message and does not set a new one.

    Selling residences(top)

    You may transfer the ownership of one of your residences to another player using the command below. There is a 25,000r fee which is deducted from both players. Most of the residence's contents will remain. Some specific policies exist for residence transfers, which you can find on the Residence Selling Rules page.
    • /res changeowner <new owner> - Transfers residence ownership to another player without resetting the residence. This will cost both players 25,000 Rupees.

    Utopia Residences(top)

    On the Utopia server, the Town has residences that are 120x120 blocks, four times the size of the SMP servers' residences! Only Gold and Diamond supporters can claim a residence on Utopia, but anyone is welcome to visit.

    Player Economy (shops)(top)

    Please visit the Player Economy Wiki category for information on how to buy from and sell to player shops, which can be found on Town residences.

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.