Live Map

Jan 29, 2017
Live Map
  • Every Empire Minecraft server has a Live Map. The map is updated in near real-time, and also shows markers of where every player is, if they choose to be shown. This is a great tool for you if you get lost in the Wilderness, if you need to get an overhead view of a build, or if you need help finding a friend. Links to the live maps are in the servers section (click Community at the top of the site then Servers). The Live Map can also be opened by typing the command /map in-game.



    On the Town maps, you can click on Residences to learn more about them. Open Residences are highlighted in orange. The Town also has higher resolution maps compared to the other Worlds.

    Hiding on Live Map(top)

    All players can make themselves invisible on the live map. This setting is on a server-by-server basis, so if you hide yourself on one, and then connect to another server, you will also have to hide yourself on that server, too.

    /map hide - Hide yourself from the Live Map.
    /map show - Show yourself on the Live Map.
    Alternatively, you can type /ps, and then click on the [Map Hide] option to change whether or not you can be seen on the Live Map.
    If you are hidden on the Live Map, players are not able to see which world you are in with /pinfo.

    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.