Jan 22, 2022
  • Because the Empire consists of multiple servers, it has a unique feature called the cross-server vault. Think of it like virtual chests. You can put items in it from any Empire Minecraft server, and you can take those same items out from any server. Each vault page is the size of one double chest.


    You can only open your vault from the Town and Shop Worlds. Opening it in the Wastelands or in the Frontier Worlds will not work unless you are in the protected area of an outpost.
    • /vaults - Opens a user interface from which you can select a vault page to open
    • /vault - Open the first page of your vault
    • /vault pageNumber or /vault pageName - Open a specified page of your vault
    The /vaults command will allow you to select a vault page and then return to the interface with your vault pages after you exit that page. You must exit twice to leave the vault interface.

    You may also use /va as a shortcut for /vault.

    For more ways to open your vault, please refer to the Commands: Vault page.

    Opening cost(top)

    Opening the vault will cost you 10 Rupees. After paying the fee, you may open any page of your vault for free for another five minutes.

    Once you have obtained five vault pages, opening your vault no longer costs a fee. Opening your vault is always free on the Utopia Server, regardless of your supporter status or the number of vault pages you own.


    All players start with one vault page. You can purchase additional vault pages for 10,000 Rupees each. There are limits for how many vault pages you can purchase through this method.
    • /vault expand - Purchase another page for your vault.
    You may also press the button at the bottom of the /vaults page to purchase another page.

    You can also use a Vault Voucher to gain more pages, even if that number is more than your rank allows. These vouchers are purchasable from players in-game, or you can obtain them in the Mail every 20 vote streak increases (see Voting Information & Bonuses).

    Supporter purchase limits(top)

    Different supporter ranks cannot buy more than the specified amount of vault pages unless they use Vault Vouchers:
    • Free: 2 pages
    • Iron Supporter: 5 pages
    • Gold Supporter: 25 pages
    • Diamond Supporter: 50 pages

    Naming pages(top)

    All players have the ability to give their vault pages a name you can easily remember.
    • /vault name pageNumber newName - Name a page of your vault. Example: /vault name 2 redstone
    • /vault pageName - Open a vault page by its name. Example: /vault redstone
    • /vault name pageNumber - Resets the name of that page. Example: /vault name 2
    The length of a vault page's name can be up to 18 characters long.

    Page icons(top)

    Diamond supporters, while viewing /vaults, may drag an item on top of the vault page chest icon to set the icon for that page. You do not consume the actual item when setting an icon, but it will create a copy to be used for the icon.

    To reset an icon, hold down shift and right-click.

    Shields and Banners are not supported icons.

    This cosmetic feature will only apply when Diamond Supporter is active on your account. If you cancel and renew at a later time, the same icons will be in place.


    Shulker boxes with contents can be transferred using the vault. Normal vault restrictions apply to the shulker contents, and they cannot be transferred with books inside.

    There is a limit to the number of large books that can be placed inside of one vault page. The limit is based on the collective data size of the books, meaning there is not an exact quantity of books allowed in one vault. The calculation is based on 10 maximum size books, but the practical limit should be higher.

    You can currently have a maximum of 255 vault pages.

    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.

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