Locking Items

Jan 3, 2017
Locking Items
  • Inside the Frontier, Wastelands, and Nether worlds, you can lock chests and other supported blocks by using a sign. Placing a lock sign will cost you 1,000 Rupees, and it will protect the block or container from thieves and troublemakers. You can lock a variety of different items, ranging from chests to beacons and even player Heads. See below for a full overview. Once you lock an item, only you can use or remove the item and the sign locking it.

    How to(top)

    Simply write 'lock' on the first line of a sign placed on top of the container, followed by the names of the people you would like to have access to it (your own name is placed on the second line automatically) and press 'done'. Like this:

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    Costs and refunds(top)

    Creating a lock costs 1,000 Rupees. If you destroy the lock sign, you will get 500 Rupees back. However, if you destroy it within 300 seconds, you will get a full 1,000 rupee refund. The cost is a bit of a fee to prevent worlds being overrun with locked items.

    Giving access to friends(top)

    When you create a lock, your username is always automatically placed on the second line. You can put friends' names on the third or fourth lines by manually typing their usernames in those lines - this will give them access to the item, but not access to remove the item or destroy the lock.

    Anti-Griefing System(top)

    Please note that with the introduction of the Anti-Griefing System, you are no longer required to lock some blocks, such as beacons, beds, droppers, dispensers, etc. because these are now automatically protected against removal by other players (excluding your friends by default). Please follow the link to learn more about this feature.

    Periodic Reset Area(top)

    The system won't let you create a lock within 150 blocks of a protected spawn area, which is also known as a periodic reset area.

    Please note that locking something in the Wastelands does not prevent it from deletion when the wasteland resets. You will need to retrieve your items before the periodic reset occurs.

    Items that can be locked(top)

    Here is an overview of all the items that can be locked by using a sign:
    • A (double) chest
    • Shulker shells
    • A crafting table
    • A jukebox
    • A cauldron
    • A dropper
    • A dispenser
    • A (double) trapped chest
    • A beacon
    • A hopper
    • A mob spawner
    • An enchantment table
    • A brewing stand
    • A furnace
    • A mob or Player Head
    • A bed
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