Player Settings

Nov 2, 2018
Player Settings
  • The Empire offers customizable settings and experiences for all players in various aspects of EMC, which is why our motto is "Play your Way." This feature has been built upon since its initial release on the April 23rd, 2013 in this thread, where much of it concerns the Survival Update.

    Use the command /ps to open up the player settings interface. You can revert to a Chat-based interface using the toggle in the Misc section.


    • Chat Sound Alerts - Toggles Chat alert sounds.
    • Chat Alert Sound - Changes which sound effect will be played when you receive a Chat alert.
    • Chat Alert Sound Pitch - Changes the pitch of the sound effect that will be played when you receive a Chat alert.
    • Status Message Location - Sets the location of status messages (join, leave, ban, etc) to be either in the Chat or above the action bar.
    • Residence Message Location - Sets the location of enter/leave residence messages to be either in the Chat or above the action bar.
    • Show Nearby Public Groups - Controls if a message is displayed when a nearby group is public.


    • Shop Notify - Toggles when notifications are sent to you when someone interacts with your chests.
    • Token Notifications - Toggles whether or not to see when you gain Tokens.
    • Loot Announcement - Controls whether or not you get announcements on what Custom Mobs drop.
    • Notify Missed Shop Sales - Toggles whether or not you will get a reminder about all the rupee transactions which you have not seen yet.


    • Respawn Closest Location- Toggles whether or not the system should ignore your bed when an outpost is closer to your death point.
      • Note: /deletebed will delete your last saved bed spawn location, thereby always ignoring your bed.
    • Miniboss Spawns - Controls whether minibosses will spawn around you or not (if this setting is off, minibosses may still spawn for nearby players).
    • Enraged Spawns - Controls whether or not Enraged Monsters will spawn around you (if this setting is off, enraged monsters may still spawn for players nearby).
    • Event Mob Spawns - Controls whether Event Mobs, such as the Super Turkey or Blizz Ard, will spawn around you (if this setting is off, Event Mobs may still spawn for other players nearby).
    • Event Mob Alerts - Controls whether you are alerted about nearby Event Mobs or not.
    • Difficulty - Choose how you play and interact with the Wilderness through a selection of various difficulty levels. See here for more information and an overview of all available levels.
    • Show Boss Bar for Custom Mobs - Controls whether boss bars appear for minibosses such as Marlix or Momentus. This does not affect vanilla mobs such as the Wither or the Ender Dragon.


    • Notify Friends on Login - Toggles whether or not your friends will be notified when you log onto any EMC server.
    • Notify My Friends When I'm No Longer Away - Choose whether or not to alert your friends when you come back from being away.
    • Notify Friends When No Longer Away - Controls whether or not to alert your friends when you come back from being away.
    • Allow Friend Invites - Allows players to choose whether or not they can receive friend invites. If this setting is off, players can still send friend requests.
    • Allow Friend Lock Access - Controls whether or not your friends can access locks (Locking System) that contain the label '@friends'. This can be overridden on a per-player basis - see Commands: Friends for information.


    • Drop Head - Toggles head dropping upon death in the Frontier/Wastelands.
    • PvP Drop Head - Toggles whether or not Heads will be given to your killer in the PvP arenas.


    • Allow Group Members - Controls whether or not members of your group can break your protected blocks.
    • Allow Friends - Controls whether or not friends can break your protected blocks by default. This can be overridden on a per-player basis.
    • Allow Friends to Vouch - Controls if friends can vouch on behalf of others when you are offline, allowing them to break your blocks.


    • Advanced Chat - Toggles whether you can use (not see) formatted Chat messages.


    • Allow Trade Invites - Controls whether or not players can send you invites to trade through the Trading System.
    • Allow Receiving Rupees - Controls whether or not players can send you Rupees.
    • Allow Receiving Mail- Controls whether or not players can send you Mail.
    • Map Hide - Toggles whether or not to have privacy of your location on the Live Map.
    • Allow Group Members to TP to Your Location - Toggles whether or not group members can teleport to your current location.
    • Zombie Plague - Controls whether you can receive the Zombie Plague or not.
    • Hide Player Particle Effects - Controls whether or not players with cosmetic particle effects on their characters show. Can reduce lag.
    • Hide EXP Particle Effects - Controls whether or not cosmetic particle effects on Experience Points show.
    • Player Setting Menu - Toggle the default player settings menu type.

    Changing Settings(top)

    Settings can be changed by clicking on the server name, or by clicking ALL. This controls whether or not you want to change the setting for the current server only, or for all the servers.

    If the Player Settings are not working for you, make sure that the Minecraft options for "Web Links" and "Prompt on Links" are turned on. You can find these in your game options under "Chat Settings."

    More information on difficulty levels(top)

    This feature fulfilled a request of many, and is part of the EMC's "Play your Way" motto, with some players wishing for easier gameplay, and other players wishing for a new challenge. Players can choose a difficulty to impact how they play in the wilderness worlds, and from a range of 1-10 difficulty levels. Higher difficulties are designed for group teamwork rather than solo mob battles.

    The default difficulty setting is 5, which is very close to the default server difficulty from before this update.

    Difficulty settings, depending on the level, will change how much damage the player deals and receives, and also controls the amount of loot dropped from mobs. The lower the difficulty setting on the 1-10 scale, the more damage the player deals, and the less damage the player takes. To make this fair, less drops will be given at lower levels, and, at very low levels, certain custom EMC mob drops will not drop at all. Among regular drops, torches, bread, and steak can be dropped by mobs on higher difficulties. The Custom Mob Drop Risk Guage is a related system.

    Difficulty level overview(top)

    Difficulty 1
    Will not drop any Custom Items

    Difficulty 2
    Extra Easy
    Drops basic bonus items

    Difficulty 3
    Minimum needed for Most Special Item Drops
    Enraged Monsters auto attack

    Difficulty 4
    Slightly Easier
    Unlocks many more special items

    Difficulty 5
    Can Get All Custom Items
    +Misc item drops

    Difficulty 6
    +Chance at extra items
    +Misc Item drops

    Difficulty 7
    Better chances at some Custom Items
    Minibosses auto attack
    +Chances at extra items
    +Misc Item drops

    Difficulty 8
    Super Hard
    **WARNING**: Major Gameplay changes
    Challenge level drastically increased
    Mobs can teleport to you!
    2x Item Durability Loss
    25% Reduction in Effects
    25% Reduction in Healing
    +Improved Chance at extra items
    +Improved Drop Chances
    +Misc Item drops

    Difficulty 9
    *WARNING**: Major Gameplay changes
    Recommended group play
    Mobs can teleport to you!
    3x Item Durability Loss
    50% Reduction in Effects
    50% Reduction in Healing
    +High Chance at extra items
    +Misc Item drops

    Difficulty 10
    *WARNING**: Major Gameplay changes
    For the Groups who desire a challenge
    Mobs can teleport to you!
    4x Item Durability Loss
    75% Reduction in Effects
    75% Reduction in Healing
    +Super High Chance at extra items
    +Super High Drop Chances
    +Misc Item drops

    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.

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