Commands: Friends

Jul 5, 2018
Commands: Friends
  • This page lists all the Friends Commands. You can replace friend with f as a shortcut.


    Friends Commands(top)

    • /friend help - Lists all friend Commands
    • /friend list- Displays a list of your friends
      • Shortcut: /f
    • /friend online - Lists all of your online friends
    • /friend requests - Shows all pending friend requests, including those both sent to you and received by you
    • /friend add [player] - Sends a friend request to a specified player. Note: you are unable to send friend requests to a player who is ignoring you
    • /friend accept [player] - Accepts a friend request from a specified player
    • /friend deny [player] - Denies a friend request from a specified player
    • /friend remove [player] - Removes a player from your friend list
    • /friend notify [player] [alert] - Toggles whether or not you see a friend's join message
    • /friend lockaccess [player] [auto/on/off] - Sets whether or not your friend can open your locked chests which are labeled with "@friends" (see Locking Items for more information). This can override the /ps setting.
    • /friend permission [page] - Lists all the permissions given to friends on that page.
    • /unfriend<friend> - Stop being friends with another player, or deny a friend request.
    • /denyfriend <friend> - Denies a friend request.
    The Friends System is integrated with Anti-Grief. Please view the Commands: Anti-Griefing System page to see those Commands.

    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.