Commands: Player Economy

Jan 29, 2017
Commands: Player Economy
  • This page lists all of the Player Economy-related Commands.

    Player shop Commands(top)

    • /createshopmode - released with the 1.9 Shop Update, this command allows you to toggle the ability to right-click a shop sign with an item to make that the new item being bought or sold.
    • /shop|store|mall|buyitems|itemshop - teleports you to a random player-owned shop which uses one of the popular shop-based Residence Tags.
    • /shopworld - visit the official Empire Shop world, which sells promo items (when available) and the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock.

    Currency (Rupees and Tokens) Commands(top)

    • /rupees - displays your current amount of Rupees and Tokens. You may also use /money, /balance, /tokens, or /currency.
      • Shortcuts: /r, /mon, /bal, /tok, and /cur.
    • /pay [PlayerName] [Amount] <Reason> - gives Rupees to another player. The reason is optional.
    • /rlog - Shows a list of your last 5 rupee transactions.
    • /tlog - Shows a list of your last 5 token transactions.

    Trading System Commands(top)

    • /trade [WithPlayerName] <OptionalRupeeAmount> - Allows you to initiate a trade with another player. When confirmed, a GUI will open to allow exchanges of Rupees and items. Any rupee amount optionally specified in the command will be incorporated into the trade, but can also be entered in the GUI with some limitation.
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.