Basic Commands

Jan 15, 2019
Basic Commands
  • This page lists Empire Minecraft's basic Commands. All of the Commands are good to know, but these are just the essential ones. You can find a complete list of Commands on the Commands page.
    Residences are an important part of Empire Minecraft. Residence commands can be complicated, and all of them are necessary to know. Be sure to visit the Residences wiki page for further information on residences and their associated commands.
    • /home - teleports you to your first residence.
    • /claim - claims the current residence at your location. It must not belong to anyone, and you must have an open residence slot. Use /claim ResNumber to claim a different residence elsewhere.
    • /res info - displays detailed information about the residence in which you are standing.
    • /res pset [PlayerName] [Flag] [State] - allows or prevents a certain player from doing something on your residence. View the Flags page for detailed information on setting flags.
    • /res default - resets all of your residence's Flags (permissions) to their default state.

    General Commands(top)

    • /help - displays a small and interactive help menu.
    • /assist - opens a virtual version of the Empire Assistant.
    • /rules - displays a shortened in-game version of the Code of Conduct.
    • /ps - opens the Player Settings menu.
    • /server [SMP#] - switches servers on the Empire.
    • /report [PlayerName] [Reason] - reports a player to the staff members for breaking the rules. Abusing this command will result in a punishment.
    • /dispose - This opens a virtual trash can - use it to remove blocks you no longer want.
    • /deletebed - Removes your saved bed spawn location on the current SMP.

    Town Related Commands(top)

    • /town - returns you to the Town spawn (the center of Town). Alternatively, you may use /spawn.
    • /visit [PlayerName] or /visit [ResNumber] - teleports you to a player's residence.
      • Shortcut: /v [PlayerName].
    • /frontier- teleports you to the Frontier.
      • Shortcut: /wild.
    • /nether - teleports you to the Frontier's Nether world.
    • /wastelands- teleports you to the Wastelands (the mining world).
      • Shortcut: /waste.
    • /wnether - teleports you to the Wastelands' Nether world (the mining world).
    • /tutorial - teleports you to the tutorial so you can re-visit it. The command can only be used in the Town. After using this command, you may need to use /Town to exit.
    • /shop - teleports you to a random player-owned shop.
    • /mall - teleports you to a random player-owned mall.
    • /vault - opens the first page of your Vault. Use /Vault PageNumber to open a specific Vault page as long as you have that page.

    Chat Commands(top)

    • /chat [Channel] - sets your active Chat channel in which future messages you send will be directed.
      • Channels include Community, Supporter, Residence, Market, and Local
    • /ignore [PlayerName] [Reason] - stops receiving messages from a specified player.
    • /tell [PlayerName] [Message] - sends a one-time private message.

    Economy Commands(top)

    • /rupees - displays your current amount of Rupees and Tokens. You may also use /r, /bal, /cur, or /money.
    • /pay [PlayerName] [Amount] - gives a specified amount of your Rupees to another player.
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.

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