May 30, 2020
  • On the Empire, we use a channel-based chat system, where each channel has a specific use.

    Each message in the chat is prefixed with a single-colored letter, which represents the channel that some messages are coming from. If the player is using a global channel on another server, that is also shown. For example, C-1 means the player is talking in Community from SMP1. L means they are talking in Local chat.

    Clicking on a channel letter or typing /chat channel switches you to that channel, meaning your future messages will be sent to that channel. Note that you can send a single message to any channel without switching channels by "quick messaging" it by using /qm Channel Message, or by simply using @ChannelLetter Message. Example: @r Hello, people on this residence!

    For the sake of the rules, the Public Chat channels include the Community, Server, Local, and Supporter channels.

    Community Channel - C(top)

    The Community chat is accessible to everyone on any given server, regardless of which world you are in. The Community channel is global/server-wide, meaning that you can communicate to people on other servers without being on the same server as them. It is used for general conversations among all of the online players. If you are having a private conversation with someone, it is courteous to use the private chat, residence, group, or local channels instead.
    • /chat community- Switches to Community chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch c or /c c.

    Server Channel - S(top)

    The server channel is used for talking to the server you are on. It is used for general conversations among all online players of the server you are on. Everyone in any world on the server can see it.
    • /chat server- Switches to server chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch s or /c s.

    Local Channel - L(top)

    Local chat lets you talk to people nearby. You can talk to people within 512 blocks of you in the Frontier/Wastelands. In Town, you can talk to anyone within 128 blocks of you. It is frequently used for events or within outposts.
    • /chat local- Switches to local chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch l or /c l.

    Residence Channel - R(top)

    The residence channel can be used to chat with players on the same residence you are standing on. It can only be used in the Town and within Residences. You should use Residence chat if you are hosting an event on your Residence.
    • /chat residence- Switches to residence chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch r or /c r.
    • /resshout message - Allows supporters to shout a message on either a residence they own or have administrator access to. The message will appear in a light blue color.

    Supporter Channel - Sup(top)

    Supporters have access to their own private channel. This channel is global, meaning it can be accessed from any world on any server. Note that supporter chat is still considered a public channel, and you should behave as such. Supporter Chat is available to all supporter levels.
    • /chat supporter- Switches to supporter chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch sup or /c sup or /sup p

    Market Channel - M(top)

    The Market Channel is used for discussing all things related to the economy, including shops, price discussions, stock checks, and the sale of items. Please keep all of the chat messages in this channel related to the economy. Any marketplace or auction advertising should be done in this channel. More than one unsolicited advertisement in a three-hour time gap is considered spam. The market channel is global/server-wide, meaning that you can advertise to people on other servers without being on the same server as them.
    • /chat market- Switches to market chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch m or /c m.

    Group Channel - G(top)

    The group channel is used as a private chat channel for more than two players. This channel can be accessed from any world, but it is not server-wide. Only members in the same group as you can hear you in the Group Channel. In order to use the private group channel, you will need to join a group.
    • /chat group- Switches to Group chat.
      • Shortcut: /ch g or /c g.
    Visit the Groups page for more information.

    Private Messages(top)

    If you are only going to be talking to a single person, it is polite to use the /tell command. This stops the chat from getting clogged up with lots of "private" conversations.

    Private messaging is server-wide, meaning that you can communicate to people on other servers without being on the same server as them. Clicking on a player's name in a chat message will start a private conversation with that user.
    • /tell PlayerName - Starts a private conversation with PlayerName.
      • Shortcut: @PlayerName
    • /tell PlayerName Message - Sends a single private message to PlayerName.
      • Shortcut:@PlayerName Message
    • /reply Message - Replies to the last private message you have received.
      • Shortcut: @@Message

    Ignoring Players(top)

    If someone is bothering you, you may use /ignore to ignore him or her. This will prevent you from seeing their messages, and also block them from communicating with you. Note that you cannot ignore a staff member; if you do, they will still be able to send private messages, and you will still see their public messages. Ignoring staff members is not the best of ideas because you are still required to comply with any possible warnings they give you; failing to do so can have serious consequences.
    • /ignore PlayerName - Ignores PlayerName.
    • /unignore PlayerName - No longer ignores PlayerName.
    • /ignore list - Lists the players you have ignored.

    Chat Alerts(top)

    If you would like to be alerted whenever a certain word or phrase is said in the chat besides your username, you may do so using chat alerts.

    • /chat alert add Trigger - Adds a word or phrase that will trigger an alerting sound in the chat for you.
      • The maximum amount of alerts you can have varies based on your supporter rank.
        Free: 2
        Iron: 5
        Gold: 10
        Diamond: 50
    • /chat alert remove Trigger - Removes an alert you have previously set.
    • /chat alert list - Lists all of your current alerts.
    You may change the chat alert's sound by using the command /ps, and by clicking the [Chat Alert Sound] option. You may also disable alerts in the same Player Settings menu by clicking the [Chat Sound Alerts] option.

    Formatted Chat(top)

    All supporters may write formatted messages in the chat. They cannot write colored messages.

    The markdown you have to include to do this works as follows:
    • Wrap with single * for Italics
      • *Italics* = Italics
    • Wrap with double * for Bold
      • **Bold** = Bold
    • Wrap with triple * for Bold and Italics
      • ***B&I*** = B&I
    • Wrap with _ for Underline
      • _Underline_ = Underline
    • Wrap with ~ for strike through
      • ~Strike~ = Strike
    Please do not use this feature to make your messages hard to read, as that will be considered spam and subject to staff action.

    If you need to disable the parser for a specific symbol, you can 'escape' it by putting a \ before it like so:
    • \**Not Bold** **Bold** = **Not Bold** Bold
    If you do not wish to use this feature, you can use your Player Settings to disable it.
    • /ps -> Supporter -> Advanced Chat = Off

    Other Chat Commands(top)

    /chat may be replaced by /ch or /c as a shortcut.
    Example: /c who
    • /chat who - Displays who can see the messages you send in your active channel.
    • /chat off - Turns the chat completely off.
    • /chat on - Turns the chat back on.
    • /chat status off - Turns chat statuses off.
    • /chat status on - Turns chat statuses back on.
    • /chat tips off - Turns random chat tips off.
    • /chat tips on - Turns random chat tips back on.
    • /chat tip - Displays a random tip.
    • /chat hide Channel- Temporarily hides a specific channel from being shown to you.
      Example: /chat hide community
      • Shortcut: /hchat Channel
    • /chat show Channel - Shows a specific channel that was hidden by you.
      Example: /chat show community
      • Shortcut: /schat Channel
    • /chat toggle Channel - Toggles a specific channel between hidden and shown.
      Example: /chat toggle community
      • Shortcut: /tchat Channel
    • /chat clear - Clears the chat box.
    • /away, /afk, or /brb - Sets away mode to let players know you are stepping away for a short amount of time.
    • /away Message - Sets an away message to let players know why you are stepping away for a short time (only accessible to supporters). Color codes may also be used.
      Example: /away having dinner
    • /dnd - Sets Do Not Disturb mode, blocking private messages only.
    • /dnd Message - Sets a Do Not Disturb message to let players know why you have turned it on (Supporters only). Color codes may be used.
      Example: /dnd Running an event.
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