Mar 15, 2023
  • The forums website for EMC is used as a centralized location for players to engage with the Community.

    Posting and Interacting(top)

    Being active and posting threads (an original post for others to reply to) on the forums is easy. Simply select a Forum to post a thread in from the list provided, and then hit the "Post a new thread" button. Make sure you choose the section that most closely relates to your post, and check out any pinned threads for the section in which you want to post. Some, such as the auction sections, have special rules.

    Creating new threads isn't the only way to discuss things. You can also reply to already created threads to engage in discussions. If you want to directly reply to someone, simply hit the "Reply" button in the boxes of what people have said.

    To edit what you have previously written, click the "Edit" button. Please note that you cannot do this in the Auctions forum. To have a thread re-titled, moved, or closed, report it using the "Report" button while making sure you put all the details of what you want changed as the reason.

    To post an image, you must first upload it to a 3rd-party site. The most popular site for uploading pictures is Imgur. Once your image is uploaded, you can get a link to the image. Paste this link into the image button in the text editor (the icon has a tree) to insert it.

    Please be sure to follow all the EMC and Forum rules when posting pictures, as well as when using the website.


    Your "Inbox," which is on the top right of the webpage, is used to send and receive private conversations from other members. You will receive a new Inbox alert whenever someone sends you a new conversation or when there is a new reply in a conversation in which you are participating.


    Your "Alerts" box, also on the top right of the website, is used to keep track of any user activity on a thread or a profile you have recently participated. You will get a new alert any time a user comments on a thread or a status you have posted or commented on, or whenever you get a new like, a follower, or a trophy point. You may also receive thread alerts without posting on it by clicking the "Watch Thread" button. If you don't want to receive alerts from a specific thread anymore, click the "Unwatch Thread" button.

    You can change your alerts settings on your Preferences page.

    Following other members(top)

    If you visit other members' profile pages, you have the option to follow them. Following a member means their Forum activity (New threads, replies, status, and likes) will show up in your News Feed, which can be easily accessed by hovering your name on the top left of your screen, then clicking the "Your News Feed" button.

    Using BB Codes(top)

    BB Code is the simple language used to customize content on the forums. The rich text editor does the work for you; however, in some cases, you will need to 'tag' text, which means wrapping BB Code around it for more customization. For a full list of codes, visit the help page above.

    To create a spoiler, which will hide the content inside it unless it is clicked, simply type this:

    [SPOILER]Your text goes in here[/SPOILER]
    Please note that you must highlight all the text and click the Eraser button in the text editor to remove formatting and avoid a site glitch which will duplicate the spoiler multiple times.

    If you wish to mask a URL with different text, type this into your post:
    [URL=The URL]The masking text. E.g. Click here[/URL]


    Your personal signature can be modified to display certain text and images below all your posts.

    The maximum size of the box is 794 x 150 pixels, however, single images will automatically shrink to fit. The private message signature box is 562.22 x 150,

    To prevent other people's signatures from appearing for you, uncheck the box on your Preferences page.

    Avatars (profile pictures)(top)

    Your avatar is contained within every post and message that you make on the website and is often used to allow people to easily identify you. You can upload your own picture, use Gravatar, or your Minecraft skin.

    If you are not able to upload an avatar because its file size is too large, try a different file type, or try using one with less detail and fewer colors.

    Profile pictures must be at least 192 x 192 to fit on your profile page but 200 x 200 is the recommended size.

    Trophies and Site Titles(top)

    Site trophy points can be earned by achieving certain goals throughout the forums. These can then earn you the forum titles shown under your name when you post. The number of titles available has been expanded throughout EMC's history. Titles added after the most recent update were not revealed, so as to make them a surprise when players earn those titles. Titles revealed/earned as of January 8th, 2018 can be found on the Ranks Information page. The page which lists the trophies you can earn to increase your forum title is listed below.


    The Blog is updated with information not only relating to Empire Minecraft, but Minecraft itself. Tips and Tricks and News and Opinion posts will fill you in on what you're missing.

    Rupees and Token History (top)

    Your own Rupee and Token History can be used to track transactions from your in-game balances.


    Use the Empire Bug Tracker to follow the progress of our development team and their work on fixing bugs, making improvements, maintaining our server, and releasing updates.

    Rules and Guidelines on the Forums(top)

    Please follow all these rules and guidelines when on the forums to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. You can report an inappropriate post with the "Report" button below it for a staff member to review.
    • All EMC rules are expected to be followed on the site.
    • Instead of posting multiple times in a row, please use the "Edit" button below your post.
    • Post your content in the correct forum topic. For example, post a question about the economy or about pricing items in the "Marketplace Discussion" forum. This ensures that the forums are well-organized.
    Visit the Forum Specific Rules page for more information.

    Controversial Forum Op-In(top)

    The Website has a forum specifically for threads about contentious issues such as politics, religion, policy, etc. These threads may not be suitable for everyone, as they require maturity to prevent them from containing drama, rudeness and flaming. Because of this, and popular support stemming from a Community poll, this forum requires participants to manually opt-in. Further details may be found on the Forum Specific Rules page.

    Short Links(top)

    Empire Minecraft has an assortment of useful short URLs to various pages throughout the site and the Community.
    • - EMC's rules
    • - EMC Blog
    • - Empire Wiki
      • - To go to specific Wiki pages.
    • - Events calendar
    • - Voting webpage
    • - Official EMC Time and time zones
    • - Empire Approved Mods
    • - Supporter upgrades page
    • - Referrals
    • - Current Staff list
    • - Latest EMC news
    • - Overview of EMC's servers
    • - Start a Conversation (add /<User> to start a conversation with them)
      • Separate multiple users with commas (/<User1>,<User2>)
    • - EMC Twitter
    • - EMC Facebook
    • - Users (add /<User> to direct to their profile)
    • - EMC Bug Tracker
    • - Senior Staff Services
    • - Starts a conversation with all Community Managers and Senior Staff
    • - Starts a conversation with Aikar and all the Developers.
      NOTE: Please only PM Aikar for technical issues (bugs) or payment/supporter issues.
    • - Starts a conversation with Admins, they will add any other appropriate staff.
    Our Community is active in many places.

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