Forum Specific Rules

Nov 11, 2023
Forum Specific Rules
  • These rules apply to each and every post on the forums. If a post is in breach of any of the following rules, please use the forum report button. All punishments are at staff discretion. If you have a problem with the way a staff member handled a situation, then please contact the Admins at to discuss.

    Note: By following these rules, all players may freely communicate within the EMC Community. Violation of these rules will result in possible revoking of this ability and further staff action, if deemed necessary.

    F1: Keep EMC Clean and Friendly

    • Do not use inappropriate or vulgar words.
    • Do not discuss inappropriate or controversial topics outside of the Controversial Forum Section.
    • Do not be rude to other players.
      • Be mindful that there are people with other religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views, etc than what you may have. While you may not agree with other players' viewpoints on these matters, it is NEVER okay to insult another player or their beliefs anywhere on the forum.
    • Do not spam.
      • Posting multiple posts with the same, or similar content
      • Posting multiple threads with the same, or similar content
      • Posting off-topic content, or content with no value
      • Hijacking another player's thread
      • Posting for the sole use of advertising an outside product or Website
      • Posting in any language except English unless specifically discussing the language
      • Bumping a thread too often
        • A 'bump' is any post that is posted in order to bring the post to the top of the most recent threads list without offering new updates or important content that otherwise warrants a post.
        • We have many threads and only 20 may be in the recent post section at once. Due to this, you may bump, at earliest, 12 hours after the last post. This 12 hour timer is based on the last post by any player in the thread and applies to all forum areas including auctions.
        • Bumping rules are minimized to every 6 hours for any public member in-games events that are occurring within 24 hours, unless an important content update is warranted.
    • Do not use other languages. English is required.
      • exception: discussing differences with languages as a topic
    • Do not ask other players for their personal (IRL) information.
    • Do not use inappropriate profile pictures.
    • Do not cause public drama.
    • Do not advertise or mention other servers.
    We are first and foremost a Minecraft Community. Threads about topics that cause conflict or lead to harassment are posted in the section 'Controversial Topics', but will be shut down if the line is crossed at any time, as deemed by Staff. Access to this section is opt-in only and you must message Adminsto be evaluated for acceptance based on ability to handle yourself in a controversial setting. Individual access to this forum section may be removed, if deemed appropriate by Staff.

    Controversial Topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Drugs (including recreational)
    • Alcohol
    • Sexual Activities
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Sexuality
    • Illegal Activities
    • Breaking Server Rules
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Mental Health/Suicide
    If you have a question if something is controversial or not, please ask Staff before posting.

    F2: Do Not Abuse Features

    Offenses covered by this rule include:

    • Using alt accounts or friends to boost likes, followers, or trophies. Alternate accounts include any accounts on your IP connection. If you are a family member, then please contact the Community Manager to be noted as such.
    • Asking for likes or followers
    • Exploiting any bug
    • Hacking other players' accounts

    F3: Obey the Sectional Rules

    All threads must be posted in their appropriate forums (Ex: All auction related threads are to take place within the indicated Auction forums). If a thread is posted incorrectly, it may be moved by a staff member to the appropriate section. If the thread does not follow the set of rules for the forum section it is moved to, it may be locked without warning.

    Last Updated: May 14th, 2020
    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.