EMC Punishment System

May 14, 2020
EMC Punishment System
  • On EMC, we have rules in place to make sure that everyone has a family-friendly and fair survival experience. If a player break one of these rules, they will be punished by Staff. The type of rule broken and the player's rule-breaking history is what usually determines the type of punishment received. This page covers the various punishment types, as well as what the player should do if they receive a punishment.


    Used mostly for Chat related offenses, a mute disables the player's Chat for a period of time. Duration is usually 5 minutes - 1 hour, but may extend beyond dependent on the staff's discretion. The player will receive a message on their screen and will be unable to send Chat messages until the time period is up.


    Used primarily by our automatic hack detection. Don't worry if you aren't using hacks and you still receive this kick. You can re-connect immediately and it won't count against you. It's just the system stating that your player movement is erratic and not typical. This often occurs during large lag spikes or long falls. The message that will appear on your screen is:

    Temporary Bans(top)

    A temporary removal from the server, usually used for punishments that are equivalent to a time-out when a player needs time to cool off, or needs a more stern warning prior to receiving a regular ban. Each temporary ban has a duration set by the staff member, and this may vary depending on the offense.


    This is our most severe punishment on EMC. Used for punishing illegal hacks, scamming, griefing, etc. The offenses that result in a permanent ban on EMC are usually those that involve the player making the EMC environment unfair. An extensive player history of other offenses may also result in a permanent ban. We use the term 'permanent' to indicate the ban length, however the ban may be lifted if the player appeals or successfully disputes the ban.

    **Note that the example picture ban reason is in jest only and is not a valid ban reason you would be banned for on EMC.**

    Appeals and Purges(top)

    When a player is permanently banned from EMC, they can appeal the ban to the staff member that banned them (starting here). If a player successfully appeals a ban that was not in error, they will usually be purged. If the player successfully disputes the ban, they will not be purged. The purge does not automatically occur at the time of the ban being issued. If you do not have a forum account and need to Appeal a Ban, please email support@empireminecraft.com for assistance. This also applies to players who are banned from the forums.

    If you are banned, the appeal.emc.gs page that will display looks like:

    If you have no current punishments, you will not be given Instructions on how to appeal and the page looks like this:

    A purge erases everything that a player previously had on EMC. This includes their residences, vaults, stables, rupees, EXP, mail, and more. The returning player will start in the tutorial again. Their Site data (such as post and like count) is not erased.

    Purging an account after a permanent ban is part of the standard appeal procedure on EMC. It prevents players from accessing anything that was obtained in an unfair way and gives them a fresh start. Temporary bans are not accompanied by a purge. In rare circumstances, a purge is not issued.

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