Post Supportership Information

Dec 10, 2017
Post Supportership Information
  • On Empire Minecraft, supporter subscriptions are monthly. Because of that, many players wonder what will happen to their supporter perks after their supportership is over. Below, you will find a list of the perks you get to keep and the ones you lose.

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    What do I get to keep?(top)

    • Extra Residences, even Utopian ones, as long as you don't unclaim them or go derelict
      • DISCLAIMER: Residence order changes and residence-to-residence moves, as seen on the Senior Staff Services page, still requires that your amount of Residences claimed be less than or equal to your Max Res Limit (viewed with /res).
    • Customized residence messages, as long as you don't reset them
    • Residence Tags and named locations, as long as you don't remove the extra ones
    • Extra stable slots, as long as you don't spawn in the horses. These slots will be lost if the horses are spawned in/removed
    • Any extra Vault pages you've purchased will also be kept

    What do I lose?(top)

    • Colored name
    • Automatic daily Rupees (you will not lose any Rupees previously earned through the daily bonus received as a supporter and you will still earn 100r daily)
    • The ability to claim more than one residence
    • The ability to change more than one residence location
    • The increased Vault pages cap (except with Vault vouchers)
    • The ability to change more than two Residence Tags
    • The increased stables slot cap (unless you have used a Stable Voucher)
    • Less ads on the forums
    • Reserved slot
    • Access to the supporter Chat channel and forums
    • The ability to change your residence message and /away message (residence messages can be reset)
    • Access to the Utopian Wilderness, Nether, and End Worlds
    • Discounts for Senior Staff Services
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