Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

Oct 11, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

  • Economy(top)

    How can I make money/Rupees?(top)

    Voting, signing-in daily, and owning an in-game store are great methods to earn Rupees.
    Check these player guides out (here, here, and here) for tips.

    Who has a shop I can buy from?(top)

    A good way to find shops on the Empire is by using the /shop command. You can specify certain Residences or shops you would like to visit by using Residence Tags which attach a + symbol to what you are looking for (example: /v +stone). You can use /v +tag to go to a residence that has been labeled with that tag name.

    Rules and staff assistance

    I was griefed/stolen from. What do I do?(top)

    If you were griefed, attacked, stolen from, or fell victim to anything that is against the EMC rules and you don't know who the player was, you should contact staff.

    Either private message a staff member from the list here, and tell them what happened, or find one in-game with /staff and talk to them there. If you do know who the rule-breaker was, report them using the /report command before messaging a staff member. Note that in the Town, unless the person admitted to it or you have video of them breaking the rules, nothing can be done. Be careful who you give permissions to.

    Where can I appeal my ban?(top)

    You may appeal a punishment to the staff member that banned you with a private message via the site. Click here for more information on the subject of appealing/disputing a ban.

    Managing my residence(top)

    Can I reset my residence in the Town (start over)?(top)

    Yes; you can reset your residence by using the command /res reset. This will permanently remove all blocks and leave the residence as it was when it was first claimed. Animals stay within the residence, and will not disappear.

    Can I unclaim my residence and claim a different one?(top)

    You can unclaim your residence by using the command /res unclaim. After you have found an open (available) residence, you can claim it again by using the command /res claim. This can be useful if you would like to move to another residence to, for example, live closer to a friend. You may use /res forceclaim to get a residence next to a friend which is owned by a derelict player, however, a 5000r fee applies if you are older than 3 hours old on EMC.

    Unclaiming your residence removes and destroys everything on it, so please be careful with this command!

    Can I get my residence quickly dug out?(top)

    Yes, Senior Staff can remove structures from your residence, but it costs a relatively large sum of Rupees (which do not go to another player). Please refer to the Senior Staff Services page for more information.

    Can I connect my Residences or build on the Town street? Can I remove blocks on the street which shouldn't be there?(top)

    Players do not have permission to build on the street below level 129 in the sky, but players can build above it. If you require a redstone connection or any other customization between multiple Residences that you own or have permissions, you can private message a Senior Staff member to do it for you. Rupee fees do apply. Please refer to the Senior Staff Services page for more information.

    If there are misplaced blocks on the road, which may occur as plants or trees grow onto it, you can contact Senior Staff to remove them for free.

    How do I let my friend(s) build on my residence?(top)

    Residences are fully protected, so if you want to allow another player to build on your residence, you need to give them one or more permission Flags. There are several Flags that you can use. You can give someone Flags by using the command /res cpset <name>, then simply click the names of the Flags they need with the left mouse button. Using the right mouse button will remove a given flag. In this UI, hovering over Flags will also give you some information about them, and sometimes they have subflags you can get to by shift-clicking the flag option.

    For a list of Flags, as well as more information on them, visit the Flags page.

    Keep well in mind that you are basically allowing another player to make any kind of changes to your residence, which includes griefing. If a player griefs your residence, staff members will not be able to help you; you basically gave the player permission to do such an act. Therefore, only give out permission flags to players whom you fully trust.

    Forums and supporter(top)

    Can I delete all my forum content?(top)

    Unfortunately there is no mechanism to delete all your forum content. You may edit and delete your own posts (with the appropriate buttons at the bottom of each of your posts) as necessary, however.

    How do I edit a thread's title or delete it entirely?(top)

    These functions are limited to staff. Please use the Report button under a post and explain why, and staff will make the required changes. Some posting restrictions apply to the auction forums to prevent scamming.

    Will I lose all my perks, including Residences, when I stop being a supporter?(top)

    Some perks will no longer be available to you. However, you will keep your Residences so long as you do not go derelict. See this page for more information.

    Can I search through my rupee history?(top)

    Currently, there is no easy method to quickly search through your rupee history on the site. However, you may use the EMC Shopkeeper program that is designed to make running a shop much easier. You can view your full rupee history here.


    How do I switch Chat channels?(top)

    Players can easily switch Chat channels by typing "/Chat c" for Community Chat, "/Chat s" for server Chat, "/Chat r" for residence Chat, "/Chat l" for local Chat, and "/Chat m" for market Chat. You can replace /Chat with /c and the command will still work!

    Players with a supporter ranking have exclusive access to a fifth Chat channel and can be entered by typing "/Chat sup" for supporter Chat.

    How do I get to my plot?(top)

    In Town, you can use /home to return to your home residence, or use /v [residence address/owner's name] to visit other Residences. If you are in the Wastelands or Frontier, you can use your Compass to find your way back to a spawn, where you can get to Town. Visit the Compass page to learn more.

    Where can I go mining?(top)

    Mining should be done in the Wastelands. You can get to the Wastelands by using the command /wastelands, or by using /waste for short. Keep in mind that you need to go back to an outpost's protected area before you can teleport back to the Town (tip: use a Compass!). Although you can mine a small bit in the Frontier (/Frontier), in a personal base, for example, resource gathering should always be done in the Wastelands. If you need to gather Nether materials, you can use the /wnether command, and if you need to get to the Wastelands End, you must go to the normal Wastelands and use Eyes of Ender to find it.

    My beacons don't work and I know I made the pyramids correctly!(top)

    If your beacon's buttons aren't selectable or are greyed out, and you have correctly placed the pyramid under it. The cause is unknown, but one solution is to temporarily unload the chunk you're in, which you can do by leaving the area until the chunk with the beacon is no longer visible (each chunk is 16x16 but chunks will remain loaded even if you are near them).

    If you use the Inventory Tweaks mod, you may fix the issue by opening the mod's menu (on the top-right of the beacon dialogue box) and simply exiting out of it again. You may then be able to set the beacon buffs.

    My player Heads are glitching!(top)

    If your Player Head is glitching, or showing the wrong skin, it is likely due to a glitch with Mojang's database that causes errors in which skin a head loads. Solutions in the past have included: updating your client (if it is outdated and the current version is known to cause issues); changing your skin and then changing it back to make it update, and; breaking and re-placing the head block.

    Nether portals not linking(top)

    Visit this Minecraft Wiki article to find out how the mechanics of Nether portal linking works. If you are having issues, the only change on EMC that affects them that you should be aware of is found here. It concerns the 1:1 overworld-Nether block ratio in the Wastelands world, while it is 1:8 in vanilla and the Frontier.

    Furthermore, when linking portals, remember that they will check for existing portals within a certain radius (see the article above) before creating another.

    My mobs are despawning!(top)

    If your mobs/monsters are despawning, make note of the changes EMC has made to mob spawning/auto-killing to mitigate lag, which you can find here. This general Minecraft Wiki page is also of relevance.

    Technical problems(top)

    I'm lagging!(top)

    Lag comes in many forms in multiplayer Minecraft, most of which are on the client-side.


    Ping refers to the latency attributed to the transfer of data between your PC and the server, through your internet connection. If you have a very high ping (which you can check with /ping), data is transferred slowly (i.e. high latency) and you will typically experience a lot of delays, clunky or no feedback when placing blocks, and/or 'rubber-banding' (teleporting back and forth). You can resolve this by improving your internet service, or connecting to your internet through an ethernet cable rather than WiFi, which is faster and reduces data (packet) loss.

    Frames-per-second (FPS)(top)

    FPS lag is the most typical type of lag and occurs when your computer cannot handle intensive tasks, such as Minecraft, and thus the game does not appear to play very smoothly. This can be improved by upgrading your computer hardware, especially your graphics card (which is what outputs the video to your computer screen, and thus a better one is more capable of displaying better looking and smoother games). Some players run the approved mod 'Optifine', which specializes in allowing you to optimize and limit the resources Minecraft needs, thereby improving your FPS.

    Ticks-per-second (TPS)(top)

    TPS lag is server-side, and can be checked with /tps. 19-20 is a normal rate, while anything lower typically leads to a delayed experience, which is similar to the effect of a high ping. If the TPS for a server drops for at least 20 minutes, please contact a member of staff (/staff).

    "Unknown host"(top)

    This occurs if you type in a URL for the server which is incorrect. Make sure you're writing "" or "". Alternatively, try "" or "".

    "Kicked whilst connecting to SMP#: You're using the wrong client version!"(top)

    This means that you are using a version of Minecraft which our server doesn't support. Servers have to update their plugins to suit new versions of the game, hence sometimes Mojang will release a version, which you might be using, while the server is not yet compatible with it. Alternatively, you might be using an older version of the game while the server runs a newer version. See this page for information on how to change the version that your client (game) uses.

    "You have been kicked by [Staff]"(top)

    This typically occurs if you violated a rule. Please visit the Rules and Moderation page if the reason provided does not clarify why you were kicked.

    "Internal exception" or "remote host" errors(top)

    There are a number of different errors which pop up that are prefixed with "Internal exception". These are typically issues with your internet connection to the server. Some possible solutions include:
    • Direct connect to a different server than the one you would typically be going to (the one you were last logged in to). If you were last on SMP8, for example, then direct connect to "".
    • Log out of your account in your client (the application with the Grass block icon) and re-log in.
    • Reset/restart your internet router.
    • Check the status of the Mojang servers. If there is downtime, this may account for your connection issues.
    • Check the EMC site, forums and Facebook for announcements.
    • See below for a thread in which you can post about issues if you are still unable to connect.

    "Error: Bad login"(top)

    This typically occurs when Mojang's authentication servers are down, which means it can't verify that you are connecting with a legitimate account and blocks you. Note that this will not kick you from the game, so if other people are having issues getting on, it is best that you stay connected until the servers go back online.

    "You are already connected to this proxy!"(top)

    This occurs when you are trying to login to the same server with the same account. The first session that was logged in will be kicked.

    Kicked for idling(top)

    This occurs when you go away from keyboard (AFK), or become inactive, in-game. The server has a mechanism in place to kick people who go away, typically (but not always) when the server is full and it needs to free up space for other players.

    Issue not covered here or still having technical problems?(top)

    Post on the Server Problems thread.


    Can I change my username?(top)

    Yes; you can change your in-game username on Mojang's website. Your username will update the next time you log onto the server.

    How do I get my friend(s) to join the same server as me?(top)

    Empire Minecraft has nine different SMP servers, so first make sure that you know on which SMP server you live. You can press the tab key to find out which server you are currently connected to. After that, tell your friend(s) to use the "direct connect" button on Minecraft in the server list menu, and type in as the server name (where # is the number of the SMP server you are connected to). After completing the Tutorial, your friend(s) will now be living on the same SMP server as you are.

    Still need help?(top)

    If you did not find what you were looking for, do not forget to check out the Wiki and the Help and Support forums.

    There's a lot that makes up the Empire. Learn a bit about us, how it all works and how to thrive in it.