Approved Mods

Apr 6, 2024
Approved Mods
  • Approved (Legal) Mods
    The following mods are approved for use on Empire Minecraft.
    Disclaimer about Mod Use
    Mods may not be compatible with each other or the current game version. Additional questions regarding Approved Mods may be directed to chickeneer.

    Using any mod, including approved mods, in order to bypass the intended conditions of an event is not allowed. Example: OptiFine is allowed as long as you don't use the zoom feature to aim in an event.
    Performance Centered
    These are mods that are focused primarily on enhancing the player's graphic performance by modifying small client-side details.
    Useful Tools
    These are mods designed to make gameplay more convenient by simplifying normal aspects of Minecraft while not giving a significant advantage over non-mod users.
    Aesthetic Changes
    These are mods that are focused primarily on enhancing the player's aesthetic experience in-game.
    Specialized Tools
    These are mods designed to complete very specific game-play actions. These are not going to be desired to be used by everyone due to a niche use.
    Mods required to use approved Mods
    If any of the Approved Mods require a separate mod in order to work, such as the ones listed below, then you may assume that mod is also allowed as long as it doesn't breach the rules. If in doubt, please ask before using.
    Private mod approval
    From time to time our users may make their own private custom mod. This section is for documenting who has requested their custom mod to be used on EMC.
    • WitherDoggie: interface tweak mod
    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.

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