Disallowed Mods

Jun 2, 2016
Disallowed Mods
  • 2. No Hacking, Cheating or Exploiting

    • Do not use any mods or game bugs that give an advantage over other players.
      This includes any aspect that allows you to see through walls in any manner, such as X-ray texture packs, cave finder, radar, block glitches, etc. This also includes any modifications that allow you to move, jump or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings, and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players.
    • All exploits are included, example: If you use a server side bug to turn dirt into diamonds, then this will be considered exploiting, and you will be punished.
    • Automating actions, including - but not limited to - using auto-clickers, is legal as long as you are not AFK while doing so and the ability does not exceed normal play ability. Kill auras, fast-clicking, etc are NOT normal play ability. You must be aware, and able to respond to staff and Minecraft at all times.
    • If you are caught cheating you will face punishment deemed appropriate by the Staff. In the case of Illegal mods, all accounts that you have access to will be banned. Do not cheat and you will not have to worry about this. If you are unsure whether a certain activity is allowed, ask a moderator.
    • For a list of Approved Mods, visit Minecraft Mods Section in the wiki.

    Mods listed on this page are explicitly stated against the Rules and are NOT allowed.

    For information on which mods you CAN use, check the Approved Mods page.
    NOTE: If a mod is not on any list, please consider it Disallowed until a request is approved for that mod.

    Any additional questions regarding Approved Mod Usage can be directed to chickeneer.

    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.

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