Player Economy

Mar 31, 2023
Player Economy
  • The economy of Empire Minecraft places control in the hands of players through custom-built, secure systems for trading and currencies. For detailed information on each of these systems, view their corresponding Wiki pages in this category.


    Empire Minecraft uses two currencies: Rupees and Tokens.

    Rupees are used to buy items and services from other players, as well as from the server-run shop, Shopworld. Check the Rupees page for more information, such as some easy ways to earn them.

    Tokens cannot be sent to other players, and are instead rewards for participation in various activities on EMC, such as Frontier-play and voting. Tokens have - both now and in the past - various uses, with more planned uses for the future.

    Player shops(top)

    Player shops are the best way to buy and sell items on Empire Minecraft. Every player on the Empire can make their own shop by placing some shop signs on their residence so that everyone can buy or sell items to them.

    Follow these links to learn more about player shop signs:

    Trading System(top)

    Empire Minecraft has a custom Trading System that allows players to securely trade items and/or Rupees in exchange for someone else's items and/or Rupees. This reduces the chances of being scammed.

    Use Rupees to buy from other players. Save Tokens to redeem rare items in the future.