Nov 18, 2016
  • The Frontier - formerly the Wilderness - is the world on each SMP server that is safe to build in without having to worry about your stuff being reset. You can start up communities in the Frontier and live happily there, go anywhere and build anything you please (as long as it follows the rules), and also look for resources. Since the Survival Update and Player Settings update, the Frontier and Wastelands worlds also contain unique mobs with special traits and rare drops that are only available on Empire Minecraft. These special mobs make exploring the wilderness much more challenging and fun!

    Please respect what other players have built. Those caught griefing will be permanently banned from all EMC servers.


    • /frontier <m, n, s, w or e> - Teleports you to a random Frontier outpost from Town. Alternatively, you may use /wild. The optional directional input will teleport you to that specific outpost, rather than a random one.

    Frontier Outposts(top)

    Upon entering the Frontier, you are teleported to a random outpost. All of the outposts have portals that take you to specific outposts as well.
    The yellow-lined squares around the spawn outposts on the Live Map mark the "Protected Area" of the outposts. Inside this protected area, you are able to use teleport Commands and some Town Commands. In addition, your health and food bars slowly regenerate, and you cannot take damage. You will know when you enter or exit this area when the messages "Entering protected spawn for Wilderness" and "Leaving protected spawn for Wilderness" show up in the Chat. The boxed part of the Frontier may reset periodically when needed.

    Frontier Nether and End(top)

    There is also a Frontier Nether.

    As of 1.9, the Frontier and Wastelands have different End worlds. There are at least three strongholds for each SMP and these three will be directed to with Eye of Enders. If you find a naturally generated stronghold which Eye of Enders do not lead to, private message Senior Staff and they can make them work.

    Block Protection(top)

    The Wastelands and Frontier both incorporate the Empire's custom Anti-Griefing System to counteract griefing. View the page for more information on this feature.

    The Frontier on the Utopia Server(top)

    Utopia Frontier
    On Utopia, Gold and Diamond Supporters have access to the 24/7 daylight Frontier and Wastelands. Gold and Diamond Supporters will not take fall nor hunger damage in the Frontier on Utopia. Aggressive mobs will still spawn in areas that are dim, as well as from spawners.
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    We have multiple worlds on each server for building, mining and exploring.

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