Jul 2, 2017
  • The Wastelands Nether and Ends are the Worlds that you should go to if you would primarily like to gather resources and fight EMC's Custom Mobs. Due to this purpose, the Wastelands will periodically reset.

    Remember that griefing is not allowed in any of the EMC Worlds.

    Getting there(top)

    You can access the Wastelands by using the portals in the Town spawn area (/Town command), or by using the Commands below.

    There are several outposts in the Wastelands where you will be randomly teleported to upon entering the world, so remember that you might not be sent to the same area every time you visit the Wastelands. However, you can manually change outposts using Commands (see below) or by going through the water portals.
    • /wastelands [c|n|ne|nw|s|se|sw|e|w] - Teleports you to a random wastelands outpost. Specifying a direction will teleport you to the outpost in that direction.
      • Shortcut: /waste
    • /wnether [c|n|ne|nw|s|se|sw|e|w] - Teleports you to a random outpost in the Wastelands' Nether world, or the specific directional outpost, if specified.

    Wastelands Outposts(top)

    Stepping on the stairs of the wastelands' outposts means you are inside the protected area also found at Frontier spawns. Inside this area, you are able to use teleport Commands and some Town Commands. In addition, your health and food bars slowly regenerate, and you cannot take damage. You will know when you enter or exit this area, as Chat will give you the messages "Entering Protected Wastelands Outpost" upon entering the protected spawn, and "Leaving protected Wastelands Outpost" upon exiting or leaving the protected spawn.

    Wastelands Nether and End(top)

    Also see: Nether; End

    There is also a Wastelands Nether world, which can be accessed through the Town portals or the Commands above. This Nether is reset whenever the wastelands are reset. In the Wastelands, there is no difference in travel distance between the overworld and the Nether; the ratio is 1:1. So, if you travel one block in the Wastelands' Nether world, you will also travel one block in the Wastelands' overworld.

    Furthermore, the Wastelands has a separate End world which resets at the same time as the main world. Strongholds are plentiful as of 1.9. To find them, use Eyes of Ender.

    World Size Limit(top)

    The Wastelands world has a a world limit. It is also important to know that you cannot go further than x = 8,000, z = 8,000, x = -8,000, or z = -8,000 to due to this world limit. If you are ever stuck on the border of the world, type /staff and contact an online staff member to assist you.

    Scheduled Resets(top)

    Players are advised not to build permanent structures in the Wastelands because this world is scheduled to reset every three months. Keep in mind that the exact date is subject to change, and the specific reset date will be disclosed close to the time of the actual reset. Information will typically be posted on the Event Hub in advance.

    Block Protection(top)

    The Wastelands and Frontier Worlds both incorporate the Empire's custom Anti-Griefing System to counteract griefing - with some limitations in the Wastelands as permanent structures should not be built there. View the page for more information on this feature.

    The Wastelands on the Utopia server(top)

    Utopia Wastelands
    On Utopia, Gold and Diamond supporters have access to the 24/7 daylight and no fall or hunger damage in this world. However, mobs will still spawn in dark areas such as underground caves, and you won't regenerate health without having full hunger.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own Worlds for surviving, building and mining.