Custom Items

Jan 15, 2019
Custom Items
  • EMC has an array of special, custom items that are only available on its servers. You will not find these items anywhere else in the Minecraft world. From aesthetic additions, such as our limited edition Fireworks, to our more functional items, such as specially-modified horses, EMC provides unique items that every player will be sure to enjoy.

    New custom items are usually released during major updates or during special holidays through the use of the /promo command. However, they can sometimes be obtained in other ways, such as defeating one of our Custom Mobs or by winning one at a special event. The Empire's custom items can be used for display, or in some cases, to give advantages to players - there are many different items with special purposes, one of the things that make many of EMC's custom items unique.

    Note that the creation of some items may have predated the formal tracking of custom items, and thus they might be missing.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.

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