Mar 15, 2023
  • EMC has various custom attributes on Custom Items, each with their own functionality. These can be identified by their bold orange underlined name in an item's lore.



    • Final - Item may not be modified, repaired, or changed in most ways.
    • Fragile - Item will break on death, regardless of durability.
    • Games Only - Item may not be mailed, vaulted, or moved off of the Games Server in any way.
    • Soulbound - Item will not drop on death and is protected from being thrown on the ground. It can only be given to another player if mailed or placed in chests and other containers.
    • Temporary - Item will vanish forever at the time listed in lore.
    • Unbreakable - Item will never lose durability.
    • Unplaceable - Item may not be placed on the ground as a block.
    • Voting Reward - Identifies an item as having come from voting.
    • Wearable - Item may be equipped on the head by right-clicking it in your inventory.
    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.