Tutorial Starter Gear

Jun 25, 2020
Tutorial Starter Gear
  • This section includes various items given to new or returning members in the server's Tutorial or soon after it is completed.

    The Tutorial Starter Gear is a set of items given out to new players as they complete the tutorial. It primarily consists iron tools and armor. As of April 11th, 2014 these items carry the Unbreaking III enchantment, to make them last longer, and the custom Soulbound attribute, which keeps the item in the player's inventory, even when they die.

    New players are also given a stack of torches, a stack of oak wood planks, five cow eggs, five sheep eggs, and a stack of bread. All of these items, except the oak planks, have the Soulbound attribute, which is quite unusual for regular items.

    Informational books, which are sometimes given to new/returning players, are included in this section.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.