Promotional Items

Apr 19, 2016
Promotional Items
  • The Empire will often offer promotional items during holidays or events. These are unique and "lored" items with formatted text, special abilities, and/or other useful properties. In-game and forum announcements will let you know if a promotional item is available, or you may simply use the command /promo to see which promotional items are currently available.

    The list above shows the promotional items available since 2012, with the first being the New Years Firework.

    Although each player can get a promotional item for free when one is available, extra promotional items are sometimes made available for purchase at the Empire Shop for a limited time. Players who wish to buy additional copies of the items can use the /shop command to go to the Empire Shop. The section to buy the promotional items can usually be found in the main teleport room, and is easy to spot.

    EMC has a variety of "custom" items for many uses.

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