Lucky Bow

Mar 20, 2023
Lucky Bow
  • Lucky Bow

    Type: Weapon
    Released: March 8th, 2014
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: /promo
    Attributes: Soulbound, Final
    Lore: Thank you for 7 days of Top 10 on TopG!
    Keep up the voting!
    Enchantments: Unbreaking X, Power V, Looting IV
    The Lucky Bow was released as an award to the Community for achieving seven consecutive days in the top 10 list on the voting site in early 2014. It has the Looting enchantment, which is special for a bow.

    Note: the Looting IV bonus does not provide any extra benefits to custom EMC drops compared to Looting III; the max effective looting for custom EMC drops is III.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.