Presidential Pen

Feb 7, 2021
Presidential Pen
  • Presidential Pen

    Type: Weapon
    Released: March 3rd, 2019
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: /promo president
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound
    Lore: The shared pen of Windylava and jewel_king! EMC's Co-Presidents for a Day 2019
    Enchantments: Sharpness I, Looting IV, Mending
    The Presidential Pen is a special diamond sword that was released in March, 2019 to celebrate the election of Windylava and jewel_king as EMC's Co-Presidents for a Day. Due to a tie in the final vote, the two candidates worked together to create the Presidential Pen.

    When held in the main hand or the off hand, the Presidential Pen increases max health by one point. The Presidential Pen also has a higher looting level than can normally be obtained in Minecraft.

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