Independence Armor

Jun 13, 2021
Independence Armor
  • Independence [Helmet/Chest/Pants/Boots]

    Alternate name: Independence Head
    Type: Armor
    Released: July 3rd, 2014
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: Empire Shop and /promo
    Attributes: Final
    Lore: Celebrating Independence Day, 2014
    Lore: Celebrating Independence Day, 2014
    Enchantments: Protection IV, Unbreaking V
    The Independence Armor is comprised of a full leather armor set, dyed red, white, and blue during the year of 2014 during Independence Day. Each part shares the same name, lore, Attributes and enchantments as detailed to the right of this text.

    Note that while the Independence Armor can be washed and dyed like normal leather armor, it is not possible to acquire the same vibrant shades of color as the original armor once the armor is modified. This is because the original colors are different to the regular dye colors available in-game.

    Each armor piece has two different versions. There was the normal version, which was obtained via the /promo command or from the Empire Shop. This came in a chest bundle, which includes this version as well as an Independence Day Firework. The other version was the "Do Not Claim" version, which some people did obtain instead of the chest version.

    In addition, there are three versions of the helmet: the first one is named Independence Helmet, which was available through /promo. The second helmet is named Independence Head, which was available at the Empire Shop. Independence Heads are more rare than Independence Helmets because less were purchased from the shop than claimed with the /promo command. This means there are three versions of the Independence Helmet; the normal version, the Empire Shop (Independence Head) version, and the Independence Helmet Do Not Claim version. There is also the chest bundle of the same name with an Independence Day Firework included.

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