Vote Bonus Items

Jan 31, 2017
Vote Bonus Items
  • Vote Bonus Items are items currently only obtainable by earning voting bonuses of certain amounts. Once a voters item is claimed, the item will be personalized with the player's username.

    Vote Bonus items are also the first special EMC items to have the Unbreakable attribute, which means they will not take any durability damage.

    There are some things to look out for when using the voters tools and armor:
    • Some tools may appear to take damage when used extensively. This can be remedied by opening your inventory, taking the tool out of its inventory slot and then placing it back.
    • Voters armor can be dyed and washed in cauldrons in the same way that normal leather armor can be dyed and washed.
    • Some tools may have the looting enchantment on them as opposed to the intended fortune enchantment. You can fix this by using the command /vote fixitem.
    • To update the username of Voters item, use the command /vote fixitem.
    A general guide on voting, as well as a list showing items and vote bonus required, can be found here.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.