Voting Information and Bonuses

Jul 8, 2017
Voting Information and Bonuses
  • Empire Minecraft gives players the option to earn Rupees each day by voting, which is extremely rewarding for both players and the server.

    How to vote(top)

    You can vote by clicking the various links below which will take you to Minecraft server listings. When you are voting on multiple sites, the best method is to right-click the links and open them all in separate tabs or by using the Easy Voting option. The voting page can be found here.

    You will usually have to fill in your username when you're voting. When you are doing this, make sure it includes the same characters and capital letters that your username does in-game. If you enter your name incorrectly, even if a player with that username does not exist on the Empire, the voting site will still say that player voted, but you will not receive another chance to put the correct name in until the site lets you vote again.

    Most sites also require you to complete a captcha. The captcha is usually a puzzle, a picture challenge, or a word challenge which verifies that you are a real person.

    How the voting system works(top)

    Each vote on each day will get you 100 Rupees.

    Empire Minecraft also has a chain multiplier bonus that can be obtained. If you vote two days in a row, you will earn a 100-rupee bonus on your first vote for the second day. Each additional day after that (as long as you have voted days in a row without missing a day) will get you a 10-rupee bonus added to the next days first vote. Day three in this example would earn you 210 Rupees on your first vote. The next day would be 220 Rupees, and so on up to a maximum of 300 Rupees per day for the first vote. Once you are at 300 Rupees a day for your first vote, it will remain like that each day until you miss voting a day, in which case, the multipliers will reset for you.

    You have 30 hours from your last vote until your bonus is lost. However, it does not completely reset, and you will also only lose several streak increments if you continue to vote after the missed period. It is advised that you vote on a couple of sites at a time on multiple occasions throughout the 24 hours to ensure that your bonus is safe.

    Rupees are automatically credited after you vote, and you can check whether or not you were credited by checking your Transaction History.


    • The number of sites that you can vote on and the voting system can always change. Make sure you check back to the Empire News forums often!
    • It is advised that you vote on a couple of sites at a time on multiple occasions throughout the 24 hours to ensure that your bonus is safe.
    • A tip to consider when trying to remember to vote every day is by bookmarking all the sites in a folder and then, depending on your browser, right-clicking on the folder to open its contents.
    Voting is a great way to earn Rupees and items, and most importantly, it is a great way to help the Empire grow!

    Rewards: Rupees and Tokens(top)

    Currently, your rupee reward grows as it gets up to a vote bonus of 10 days. After 10 days, you get 700 Rupees for the first site you vote on that day (if it is, you are awarded 900 Rupees instead), and 100 Rupees for any other site (besides, to which the reward is 300 Rupees) if you have not voted on that site already that day. Tokens are awarded in a quantity of 5 for every individual vote. On top of the standard rupee and token reward systems, there are special bonuses packed in the system, which are as follows:

    Patterned rupee bonuses(top)

    Every 5 days100
    Every 15 days150
    Every 30 days4000
    Every 45 days7500
    Every 50 days25000
    Every 100 days40000

    Patterned token bonuses(top)

    Every 2 days60
    Every 5 days150
    Every 10 days300
    Every 30 days900
    Every 50 days1500
    Every 100 days3000
    Every 150 days4500
    Every 200 days6000
    Every 365 days10000

    Rewards: Items(top)

    When these rewards are earned, the items will be mailed to you via the Mail System, and the Rupees will be added to your balance. There are two types of item rewards: the ones that can be earned multiple times, and the ones that can be earned only once per player. The current bonuses are as follows:

    Patterned item bonuses(top)

    Routine Rewards
    Every 3 daysOne Diamond
    Every 5 daysOne Emerald
    Every 20 daysVault Voucher
    Every 50 daysStable Voucher

    One time items(top)

    Additional Rupees, token bonuses, and items are only awarded when your vote bonus reaches a number higher than it has been before. For example, if you vote and get your streak up to 20, you earn a Vault Voucher. However, if you miss a day and your streak goes down, and then gets back up to 20, you will not earn another Vault Voucher until your streak gets to 40. This does not include higher voting streaks prior to the addition of specific rewards, meaning that all the earned items will be added together and sent to you next time your streak goes up.

    Voters item replacement policy(top)

    If a player loses a Voters item due to a glitch, a lag test, derelict claim, or misplacement, the player may request a replacement item from the Senior Staff members once per item, while agreeing to the following conditions upon request:
    • The item is not sold/loaned to another player at time of request.
    • The player has actually tried to look for the item in all vaults, chests, ender chests, inventories, or other possible locations across the SMPs. If Senior Staff members find the original while searching, the replacement use for the item will still apply.
    • The player will return the duplicate to a SS+ in the case the original is located.
    • The player must have attained the voting bonus associated with the item.
    • Replacement of the item will be written in the player's Square logs for evidence record.
    • If the player is found to be abusing the replacement system to gain duplicate Voters Items, the punishment will be the same as exploiting a glitch: a permanent ban.
    If a Voters item is lost as a result of an account purge because of a ban, the Voters item(s) will not be replaced. However, your voting bonus will also be reset to zero, allowing you to re-earn your Voters items. Note that a bonus reset will count as your one replacement.

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