Ranks Information

Feb 19, 2023
Ranks Information
  • On Empire Minecraft, there is a wide variety of ranks a player can obtain both in-game and on the forums. Each rank has its own perks (some simply contain new titles) and methods to obtain that rank. Some ranks transfer over from the forums to in-game, and some do not. This page will cover all of these aspects of ranks.

    Forum Titles/Ranks(top)

    These forum titles/ranks are obtained by earning trophy points (similar to achievements) by being active on the forums. The more trophy points you get, the higher your rank is. Note that these are non-staff forum titles which do not grant players any perks.

    Titles have undergone several updates throughout EMC's history. The following table lists titles which were revealed/earned - and thus confirmed - up to December 20th, 2020. As more are earned, they will be published.

    Trophy points required
    New Member0
    EMC Hitchhiker 👍42
    Active Member43
    Well-Known Member45
    Prominent Member150
    Distinguished Member225
    Elite Member500
    Esteemed Member750
    Dedicated Member1000
    Revered Member1500
    Venerable Member2000
    Bronze Forum Member2500
    Silver Forum Member3000
    Ruby Forum Member3500

    Supporter Ranks(top)

    Empire Minecraft is a business, and, like any business, EMC needs a source of income to operate. Like many Minecraft servers, EMC offers a wide variety of supporting options that all come with special perks. The three ranks that are available are Iron, Gold, and Diamond. The ranks are based off how much you pay per month. For more information on these primary supporter levels, their perks, and how to purchase them, visit the Supporter page.

    Staff Ranks(top)

    Staff members are the wonderful people who help keep Empire Minecraft a safe and fun place to play. There are quite a few staff ranks depending on the job and its seniority.

    Moderator & Mod in Training(top)

    The Moderator rank is the entry-level rank into the staff team. Moderators help enforce rules and keep the Community in check. The Moderator rank is the gateway position to higher staff ranks, such as Senior Staff and Administrator. They have access to Square, Stage, and they have the ability to both ban and mute players.

    You can apply to be a Moderator here.


    Developers are the people that help write code for Empire Minecraft. They are also of equal rank and function compared to Moderators. Developers are hand-picked by the Owner, who is Aikar, and the Lead Developer, who is chickeneer, and must be U.S. residents who are older than 18 (for contractual reasons). Entry level developers have a blue-colored username, and have similar powers to Moderators, while developers of higher ranks (Senior Staff or Administrator) maintain a color relevant to their rank.

    While there is no set method of obtaining this rank, it is recommended that those who wish to become a developer on EMC apply to be a staff member for the possibility of being accepted.

    Senior Staff(top)

    Senior Moderator have the same responsibilities and powers as Moderators with a special designation to indicate they hold a leadership role within the staff team, without the special powers that come with the Senior Staff role.

    Senior Staff members are staff members who have extended responsibilities and powers, such as Creative mode access, WorldEdit access, and more. They also offer Senior Staff Services.

    The Senior Staff rank is obtained through a promotion, so, to be considered for the rank, one must be part of the staff team first.


    Administrators are the head managers of Empire Minecraft. They have similar in-game powers to Senior Staff members, but with extra powers. The rank is rarely given out, but all Administrators started off as Moderators.

    Community Teams Ranks(top)

    The Community Teams are the Groups of dedicated people who, depending on the team they belong to, build on the server, post blog posts, or update the wiki. There are separate ranks for these jobs: the Build Team, and the Contribution Team. For more information on these ranks and how to obtain them, click here.

    Additional Roles(top)

    Some players (mostly staff) help out with other tasks for the Community, and have titles which only show up on the forums. These include:
    • Contribution Team Leader
    • Build Team Leader
    • Empire Events Organizer
    There's a lot that makes up the Empire. Learn a bit about us, how it all works and how to thrive in it.