Posting an Image

Jul 23, 2017
Posting an Image
  • The best way to use pictures on Empire Minecraft's forums is to upload them to a secure 3rd party Website and then use the text editor to place them in your post. This guide will explain this process.

    How to post an image(top)

    1) Open a new Browser and go to

    2) Choose your upload method

    3) Do NOT use the URL of the above page to uploade the image, as this won't work and will display a broken thumbnail. Either copy the "Direct URL" on the right hand column, or right-click on the image and open it in a new tab to get the direct URL from your browser's address bar (as shown below).

    4) Copy the URL and direct yourself to the forums. When posting, press the button highlighted below.

    5) Paste the link and insert the image.

    Alternatively, type in the following code (with your direct image URL instead of the example one used):
    You can click the image and press the center icon to center it if you desire.

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