Reporting a Player that Breaks the Rules

Mar 15, 2023
Reporting a Player that Breaks the Rules
  • The Empire Minecraft Report system is an amazing tool for both Staff and Players alike. While it is simple to use - /report [PlayerName] [Reason] - in order to be fully effective it must be used properly.

    A few quick tips to remember:
    • False reports are against the rules, and abuse of the system may result in staff action.
    • “Absolute proof” is required in order to issue a kick, mute, or ban. Every report does not always result in punishment
    • If an argument arises, try to solve it diplomatically in-game. If it isn't solved quickly, /report the arguing players in order for staff to take action.
    • Be as detailed as possible within the report limits.
    • To ensure anonymity for you, you cannot use /report to report staff. Instead, message the Admins at or through an email to
      • Members of the Empire Minecraft Community are welcome to use this email. However, it is not for Minecraft players generally, as our server's Community Manager is not responsible for other servers.
    Examples of both good and bad reports can be found near the bottom of this page.

    Commonly Reported Offenses/How to Effectively Use the Report System(top)

    Spam / Caps: Spam and caps reports are some of the most common. Often, these infractions are simply accidents. It is important to know the difference. You should only report a player if they are clearly abusing the system. See for more details.

    Foul / Inappropriate Language: Empire Minecraft is a family friendly Community, and all Chat should be kept as friendly as possible. Insulting other players or causing discomfort by having inappropriate conversations is not tolerated on the Empire. Chances are, if you are uncomfortable with the conversation, others will be as well.

    Foul / Inappropriate Material: As with language, it is important to keep creations, signs, and similar items friendly. Inappropriate items or constructions in public view (including on a players residence) are not tolerated.

    Stealing: As mentioned above, be as detailed as possible. Reports with simply “stealing” as the reason are extremely difficult to investigate, and will likely not get resolved. Do not give a player a valuable item unless you are 100% sure they are trustworthy.

    Griefing: Almost always better to message an online staff member at If you do need to /report in-game, please add as much information as you can. Please note that reports of griefing in Town are extremely difficult to prove. In fact, it is impossible for a player to grief another without permissions being willingly handed out. Be cautious who you issue permissions to!

    Hacking: Quite simply, just type /report and let a staff member handle it. Hackers will usually lie low to not get caught if given too much attention.

    Examples of good reports(top)

    Spamming - The following report tells staff exactly where and what to look for:
    /report player1 Spammed 10 lines of a shop advertisement in town chat.

    Foul Language - The following report alerts staff to look for bad words and insults:
    /report player1 Insulted player2 by calling him bad names.

    Inappropriate Item on Residence / Wild - This report shows staff the location and the residence number for an inappropriate sign. If in the Wild, include coordinates (/loc).
    /report player1 Mean sign here on residence # xxxx.

    Scamming - This report points staff in the direction of rupee transfers, and has enough information for staff to contact player1. The system will block reports which appear to not provide enough information about scams.
    /report player2 I gave player2 1500R for a diamond pick and he never gave it to me.

    Stealing - Here, the reporting player clearly identifies items that the staff can look into.
    /report player2 Player2 stole my enchantment table and burned down my cabin.

    Hacking - Instead of simply saying, "hacks," the reporting player took screenshots AND specified what staff should search logs for.
    /report player1 Flying in town. I took screenshots.

    Examples of bad reports(top)

    Spam - This report is not the best. Unless the spam is extremely obvious, this report will be hard for staff to investigate.
    /report player1 Spam

    Rudeness / Inappropriate Language / Etc - This report could be much better. Who is the reported player being mean to? What are they doing that is mean? Are they in Town, or the wild?
    /report player1 Being mean.

    Inappropriate Item on Residence - Remember, some players have multiple Residences, and it is sometimes possible to build on other players' Residences. So, if staff has to search all areas of each residence, it could take quite some time to locate the infringement.
    /report player1 He has a bad sculpture on his friend's plot.

    Stealing - The staff will have tons of investigation to do on this, and it is likely to slip through the cracks. This report needs to list what is being stolen and from where. Did the reporting player pay any money? Quite simply, not a lot to investigate here.
    /report player1 Stealing

    Hacking - Again, this report is very non-descriptive. "Hacking" could mean a variety of things. Is the reported player exploiting a glitch? Duplicating diamonds? Flying? Speed mods?
    /report player1 Hacks and stuff.

    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.

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