Feb 1, 2017
  • Every SMP server has a Town world. The Town is a protected world where players can claim 60x60 lots called Residences. The Town has the normal night and day cycles, and the weather is always clear. Additionally, no mobs will spawn in the Town.
    • /town - Teleport to the town spawn from within the town and from within any protected area.
    The primary ways to navigate through the Town involve using /v <Residence>Or<PlayerName>, /v random, or by using the Live Map to find where you want to go. Players can click on a residence on the Live Map to find out where it is and how to get there. Open Residences are highlighted in orange.

    The Live Map looks like this.
    Utopia Town
    On Utopia, Gold and Diamond Supporters are able to build on one 120x120 residence instead of the usual 60x60 Residences found on the other servers. Because of the recent EULA changes, instead of just Diamond Supporters, all players are now able to fly in the Town on Utopia.

    Visit more specific Wiki pages, such as Residences and Commands: Town, for a more comprehensive picture on the features available in Town.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own Worlds for surviving, building and mining.

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