Established Outposts

Aug 31, 2020
Established Outposts
  • Empire Minecraft has plans to fully automate wilderness protection, which will allow players to protect their outposts. Until then, however, there is an official policy on protecting and running these player bases - which allows people to get them established on the Frontier forums.


    These are the requirements for establishing a wilderness base, first defined in this thread:
    • The base must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts
    • The land in which the outpost is occupying must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other group's visually established base. (Unless the other leader gives you approval, they must post this on your thread)
    • You must create a thread in the Establishment Requests Pending forum. The thread needs to include the name of the base and what server it's on. The location of the base does not need to be listed. Any other info you wish to include is up to you. This is to ensure staff have documented proof of the start of the outpost and the owners in case issues arise.
    • A locked chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It can be placed anywhere as long as it's there. The locked chest does not need to be visible.


    Here are the benefits of establishing a base with the above guidelines:
    • The leader/leadership of the base will be able to establish a general guideline set of rules for design, structure, and planning of the base.
    • The claimant has build rights/control over 1500 blocks in each direction (forming a circular radius). Bases must be 3000 blocks from each other, giving each base a 1500 block buffer to expand into.
    • People who join a settlement will agree that they will follow the leadership's decisions in running the settlement.
    • If players do not agree, they should leave and optionally establish their own settlement away from the one they do not agree with.
    • Players who do not listen to the established leader's decisions will have to leave, or staff intervention will have to come into play.
    • Outpost owners may request a special forum section for their outpost's discussions. These sections can be found here. More information is available in the announcement thread here.
    Although the leader/leadership of an established base has the freedom to decide if a structure meets their guidelines and/or rules they are not allowed to remove the player structure(s) without asking the staff members for approval first. Involving staff will make sure that any items belonging to said player can also be returned to them as well as prevent any drama over possible griefing accusations.

    Anti-Griefing System(top)

    A system has been introduced which allows players to protect their builds. Blocks on the list found here which were placed after May 1st, 2014 will be automatically protected. Otherwise, protection for visible establishments - prioritizing Established Outposts - can be requested from the Senior Staff here (with a permanent wiki placement pending). Going forward, players may toggle /buildmode to protect all placed blocks.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own Worlds for surviving, building and mining.