Empire Outpost Communication Forum Sign-Up

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  1. As discussed in this thread:

    We have elected to go ahead and offer these Communication Forums to players. There is no outpost size limitation, though be aware that it may take some time to have everything set up so patience is a must!

    Outpost OWNERS should fill out the following form and follow the instructions included:

    Read carefully! In the private message to Krysyy (that you put a link to in the registration form), explain the following:
    • How many sections/subsections do you require (up to 5):
    • What are the names of these sections?
    • For EACH member in EACH section (if different), list their permission level (see below). Use a master member list if most are the same. (see example)
    • Do you wish to have a public viewing section for non-outpost members - Viewer perms only?
    • Do you wish to have a public interaction section for non-outpost members - Commentator perms to all?
    • Any other details/info?
    Permissions to choose from for members of your outpost:
    Viewer - player may view the forum
    Commentator - player may post on threads in the forum (comment)
    Poster - player may create threads in the forum
    Owner - all permissions including pinning threads

    Your conversation with Krysyy should look like this:
    If you have any questions, please ASK!
  2. Summited.
  3. Only if I owned an active Outpost
  4. Gee, should I make an outpost now? xD
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  5. Oooh noice ! I'll have to submit a form for this ^-^ new forum features woot woot
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  6. Very nice =)
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  7. I am excited to see this is a new thing #hype ;)
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  8. I feel like joining an outpost now because of this.
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  9. woh outpost reg i cant believe it... if Dragon tombs only existed... hehe
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  10. Aah, that's really cool! :D
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  11. *gathers all the talking heads* .... ..... .... we will be with you shortly... .... .... *two months later*
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  12. I will be taking care of this later for Meadows =) this is great!
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  13. Wow! Got the info submitted for our 18 member outpost done way quicker than I thought I would be able to. :)

    Smp7's Providence Refugium Operations (PROs) is in queue hehe.
  14. These start this week, btw! Get your registrations in to join others in this awesome new step for the EMC forums and outposts!
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  15. so... I see that some outposts have forums now. is this going to be something that is continued or?
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  16. Yes. Things went on hold due to some rather large outposts that required a lot more background infrastructure. Then my IRL stuff. However, more are made weekly (you may not see them all if they didn't want you to).

    Edit: Checked the list and you are the very next one.
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  17. It doesn't seem to be used much, but I don't think that would be a reason to discontinue functionality.
  18. Ah. Having read Krysyy's reply, this involves some manual work. That could be a reason for discontuining it.