Custom Mobs

Jan 4, 2020
Custom Mobs

  • Survival Update(top)

    Custom Monsters first appeared on Empire Minecraft on June 18th, 2013 in the Survival Update. The update was announced here.

    With the Survival Update came two classifications of monsters on the Empire: Minibosses and enraged monsters.

    Enraged Mobs(top)

    Enraged monsters are usually uncommon in spawn rates, and provide an additional challenge over regular vanilla monsters. Enraged monsters take the place of regular monsters that were going to spawn.

    The enraged monsters are on fire, and they are faster and stronger than their vanilla counterpart. These monsters also do not suffer from the negative effects of the sun, and are resistant to fire. The monsters typically drop the same items as their normal counterpart, but in higher quantities, as well as additional items, such as diamonds and Tokens. The looting enchantment affects all custom EMC drops. After defeating a custom mob, a message will pop up on the screen displaying the username of whoever killed it and what items were dropped.

    There are plans to have an enraged version of every standard vanilla mob (excluding the Ender Dragon nor the Wither).


    Miniboss mobs are a part of the Empire's custom mobs. Miniboss monsters are much stronger than Enraged Mobs. Players commonly call them "bosses," but they are technically "mini-bosses," as upcoming challenges, such as Dragon Tombs, will be much more challenging and earn the boss title. However, much like the Ender Dragon or the Wither, Minibosses have a health bar that appears at the top of the screen with their name.

    Minibosses have been known to summon Enraged Mobs for assistance, which makes the fight even more challenging. Minibosses will not attack players until players attack them first, unless players' difficulties are set to 7 or higher.

    Minibosses often have certain things they may be weak against, and the minibosses may be immune to some attacks. It is suggested to use enchanted armor and enchanted weapons to safely defeat these monsters, and they are adjusted to prevent tactics that let you kill them without much challenge.

    Minibosses may have one or more powerful rare drops, as well as high quantity of drops, such as diamonds. The looting enchantment has an effect on all custom EMC drops.

    Minibosses are much rarer than normal mobs and there will usually be only one around per world. Minibosses will announce a creepy message in the Chat alerting you that a miniboss has spawned nearby and a message will pop up on the screen. When many people are in the same world as you, it can be much harder to find a miniboss because it might spawn near a different player.

    Current minibosses:

    Customized vanilla bosses(top)

    On EMC, Wither and Elder guardians have picked up a few unique tricks of their own. Defeating one will earn you Tokens and extra bonus XP. What makes these bosses so special is that when you fight them on difficulty 5 (default) then their behavior is the same as in single player. Raise your difficulty however and their behavior and loot drops will drastically change!
    • The Wither can now teleport away.
    • There is a chance that the Wither drops more than one Nether star.
    • Elder guardians take less damage when outside the water.
    Note that these changes only apply when playing on higher difficulties (level 6 and up). See the Player Settings page for more information about that.


    Bosses will be much stronger than the minibosses, requiring skilled Groups of players to take the bosses down. These will be more reserved for special events, such as the Dragon Tombs.

    Planned Bosses:
    • Resik - (Dragon) - Dragon Tombs boss.
    These bosses have not been implemented yet, but they will be put in-game at some point in the future.

    Event Mobs(top)

    Mobs are often added temporarily in order to celebrate an event. Like Minibosses, they also have a health bar that appears at the top of the screen.

    XP Rewards(top)

    All custom mobs will reward the player with a large experience bonus when killed. The XP given to the player is dependent on the effective difficulty, whether or not the player is in a group, and the type of mob killed.
    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.