The EMC Survival Update!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    One of the moments you've all been waiting for is finally here. What we were originally calling the "Normal Update" has been renamed to the "Survival Update". The original idea was that we were going to update EMC difficulty to Normal from Easy mode to make things a little more accurate for being a SURVIVAL server. Well, we started getting ideas. And more ideas. And more ideas. Well, long story short, just calling this the "Normal Update" just doesn't do it justice anymore.

    We want everything in this update to be a surprise and it will likely take weeks to fully uncover all of the new things there are to EMC. We will let you fill up this post with the finds as you find them!

    We do ask that you send a message to the Sr. Staff or Admin if you want to add any of the new items you may find in an auction so we can tell you the proper allowed format to that.

    I'd love to tell you more, but that would take out the fun.

    Please don't spam "Normal Mode" as a response. There is a post by ismooch where you can do that if you wish.
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  2. EDIT: aww, all the "normal mode" posts are gone, now my joke makes no sense.
    EDIT2: Finally have some actual thoughts to share on the new content.
  3. Yay, but maybe dragon update too?
  4. the best news i ever got at 6:10 am (i live in europe)
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  5. Yippee! Time to hit the wild :)
  6. I have never seen so many posts die with a single refresh.

    Hardcore mode :cool:
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  7. You choose to do this the day before I go on vacation....
  8. yeah is this the dragon tomb update? or is that secret :p
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  9. Everyone previously in the wild/nether just got tped back to town.

  10. No idea what you're talking bout :p
  11. I see some posts got deleted D:
  12. No, they were just playing on hardcore mode.
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  13. yeah and this is bad, when you were Deep in the wild :(.
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  14. I better go out there and start living in the wild to find out...
  15. Surprises......
    Anyways last time I left I was in the Wild, tand now I logged in to find myself in town with all my mined items! #win
  16. Well that's just great. >.>

    Other than that, awesome! Time to do a little "upgrade" to my bases and equipment.
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  17. Looks like I'm gonna have some walking to do...
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  18. Welp. Guess I give up on wild bases. I was pretty far out through the nether on a couple servers. Forget that.
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  19. Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.26.10 AM.png THE NETHERHOUND HOWLS FOR ASSISTANCE!?!?! :confused: