Thanksgiving Event

Dec 27, 2022
Thanksgiving Event
  • In 2014 (November 26th), 2015 (25th), 2016 (20th), 2017 (19th), 2020 (26th), 2021 (26th), 2022 (24th) a Thanksgiving Event has taken place in the Wastelands and Frontier during the Thanksgiving Holiday. It involves the custom Super Turkey mob, which, after a long process of killing it, drops Cooked Turkey and the Thanksgiving Event Turkey Slicer (although the latter item is rare). Feast chests also spawn in the Worlds, which are outlined below.


    Feast Chests(top)

    Feast chests randomly spawned in either of the non-Town Wilderness Worlds during the event, and would remain there once they did, unless broken. The player would be alerted by a gold-colored message of its approximate coordinates, and each chest would be labeled with a sign above it. While the Feast for a King paper contained within each chest has no function, the chests also include food, such as stacked cakes, cooked chicken, and fish.

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