Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving EMC!

    Hey all, I just want to take a moment and say this. What I am thankful for this year is you all. Life gets busy sometimes, but I am glad we have a community that where people can escape and have fun.

    Anyways. There is a promo available for the next month using /promo thanks22.

    Super turkeys and feast chests have been enabled.
    The promo item is also available for purchase in the /shopworld for 20220 rupees.
    The Halloween events have also been disabled. I didn't get any code changes out with this holiday. But I am working on some stuff.

    Remember to sign up for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange.
  2. Wow!! Thanks so much for the new promo and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.. Gobble Gobble!!
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  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm so glad to be a part of this community. Thank you all for being so kind and always willing to help out. You all are what makes EMC such a great place to be. :love: :<3:
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  4. Happy thanks giving EMC! <3
    so thankful I made that random google search that EMC popped up in years ago
  5. Happy Thanksgiving EMC :D

    I'm thankful to have learnt that Frog Eye Salad is a thing :rolleyes:
  6. I'm still insulted by the fact that recipe had both frog and PINEAPPLE on the list.

    If they had included chicken too I'd swear they'd want to eat the minties.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!
    This year I'm super grateful for a kind and caring community(on and off EMC), Its made these last few months a little easier!
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  8. Actual image of chickeneer riding a super turkey into battle to protect his fellow birds from our Thanksgiving meals:
  9. Notices the Minty Bread Sword and becomes jealous :cool: I want a bread weapon!!
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  10. Happy Thanksgiving, EMC! :)
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  11. Happy thanksgiving! Awesome promo
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  12. Thanksgiving was weeks ago in the Netherlands, it's the only promo holiday that I can think of that isn't on the same day here.
    Cool promo!
    I wonder if it'd be worse to add salt and/or pepper before or after tasting it, if you didn't cook?
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