Super Turkeys and 1.11 Client Support - 11/20/16

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  1. Super Turkeys
    Happy Thanksgiving to our US players!

    As with last year. THE Super Turkeys RETURNS!
    As you're exploring the Frontier or Wastelands Wild, be on the look out for the gobble....
    What's a Super Turkey? Well find him and prepare for the battle.... of clicks. Super Turkeys have A LOT of HP. You will likely need more than 1 sword to kill them.

    Turkeys come with 50% less Carpal Tunnel Inducing effects! (We reduced their HP by 50% and reduced the damage resistance down 1 level)

    This event will run until next Sunday, giving a full week for the event.

    When you see this, a Super Turkey has spawned nearby.
    They do not harm you, but they are very fast making them hard to hit.

    But if you do... You have a chance at earning the old and elusive Turkey Slicer!

    You will also find chests full of food throughout the wild too.

    1.11 Client Support
    We have added support for 1.11 clients. We are still 1.9.4 server, but we are actively working on 1.11! (Follow on Beam to watch the live streams!)
    Please let us know if you experience any problems.
  2. Woo hoo. Thanks Aikar! This was my first event on this server and I'm looking forward to it again!
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  3. Yay, Now I don't have to switch back from working in 1.11 :D
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  4. This is AWESOME! First: as Willies said: finally no more need to switch, I can now fully migrate all my stuff to 1.11 and be on my favorite server as well.

    Second: YEAH, the Turkeys are back. This is by far one of my favorite custom mobs because they are SO FRICKIN' crazy, and in the weekends I have a serious problem chasing them because... weekend and such, I can't stop laughing when killing it, it's so ridiculous (but I LOVE it!).

    First turkey spot? ;)
  5. When will we be able to craft 1.11 blocks. using 1.11 it wont let me craft them. I do the recipe the block flashes then goes away.
  6. As soon as EMC upgrades, it's going to happen soon enough, really. My estimate is a few more weeks. I know it might be frustrating but really: it'll be SO much worth it. Just a little more patience!
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  7. Nice,I'm glad to see this event happening again. (Maybe I'll be lucky enough this year to see one. :D)
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  8. if we have to suffer through super turkeys again can you at least get rid of the annoying gobble gobble notification that stays on screen? or can we at least turn it off?

    Edit: how have you not run into super turkeys?
  9. Yes!!! :D
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  10. We are not going to give any definite dates. But we are making amazing progress! Aikar has stayed up the last 2 nights working on our server software. I have also updated some of our plugin code in parallel! There is still much to do with lots of testing ahead of us.

    Just will have to wait and see!
  11. Quality hype! :D

    On a side note, I did NOT prepare for this event fast enough. ._.
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  12. Awesome! This seems pretty cool
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  13. i just barely got rid of the ones from the last event....grumble grumble
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  15. nooo its Gobble gooble ....
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  16. Does your effective player difficulty have any effect on the loot?
    EDIT:Also how long does it take (minimum) for you to get another spawn after the last one?
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  17. Number [0], there you go! Though HP may be reduced 50%, with the 1.9 "combat" you'll want to make that cage 1x1. And [0] failed - one cooked turkey and one diamond. Maybe we rename them "stupid turkey".

  18. This is just an educated guess but: I'd say no. I always play on diff 6, my friend plays on 4 and when we play together we use 5 (group diff). Last year we both got several slicers out of it while we were playing on either 5 or (in my friends case) on 4.
  19. *Sharpens the ol' voters sword* Time for me to get some turkey sliced ;)