Purple People Party

Jul 29, 2017
Purple People Party
  • Purple People Parties are held by Empire Minecraft's admins in celebration of significant player population benchmarks or the server's anniversary. They often involve special, lored items being dropped.



    The first event was held on July 17th, 2014, in celebration of reaching 80,000 registered forum members on EMC. It was led by Aikar, Maxarias, and Krysyy. This party took place at /v party on SMP7. The official thread can be found here.


    The second version was held on July 29th, 2017, in celebration of EMC's 6th birthday. It was hosted by Aikar and Krysyy. The 2017 event took place at /v ppp on Utopia. The official thread can be found here.

    Visit the Purple People Party Items page and Custom Items sub-section for information on the items that were dropped in each year.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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