Harvest Day

Apr 23, 2020
Harvest Day
  • Harvest Day is a staff-hosted Community farming event. The event works by having players fly (which can only be done in Utopia Town) to manoeuvre between floors of farms, fields, and stations, harvesting an replanting the various plethora of farmable goods. This event stems from the Tuesday Tree Choppers event. It was also formerly called Market Day. The event thread can be found here.

    Time and hosts(top)

    Currently, the event's thread can be found here, where you can see the Visit the Event Hub to check the event's schedule.


    Harvest Day occurs on Utopia, and when it's running, you can participate by typing in the command /v 5858 while on Utopia. The residence is made up of several floors of underground farms as well as an above ground section with a multitude of stations and smaller farms than those below.

    Players may harvest any of the plants, but taking any blocks (such as sand, endstone, or soul sand or digging into the ground and tearing up the farms) can result in disciplinary action against the player.

    While players are granted some permissions, breaking blocks other than those intended to be farmed is not allowed.


    With several farms to harvest from this is a complete list of what you can expect to see and partake in on residence.


    1. Snow Golems - Bring a shovel and harvest infinite snowballs from the chilling snow golems.
    2. Flower Farms - Use bonemeal and ingineuity to harvest several different flowers from the stations.
    3. Fishing Deck - Sit back, relax, crack open a bottle of chill and catch some salmon and goodies.
    4. Speed Farm - Use bonemeal to speed harvest carrots, potatoes, and wheat.
    5. Milk Station - Come to Harvest Day with buckets and gather milk.
    6. Tree Farm - Chop down some standing oaks and other trees. Be sure to replace the saplings!
    7. Soup Station - Use the wood from the trees to milk Mooshrooms for delicious soup.
    8. Villager Traders - Strike some deals with farmers and get emeralds for your time.
    9. Egg Generator - A passive chicken farm that lays dozens of eggs per minute.
    10. Sea Grass Station - A pond with sea grass at the bottom for bone mealing and shearing.

    Underground (in order)(top)

    1. Berry, bamboo, and Chorus farms - Gather the flowers and with silk touch, and harvest the tasty berries.Be sure to replace when finished!
    2. Mushroom farms - Use silk touch to gather mushroom blocks!
    3. Vine Walls and Basic Beetroot Field - Shear away at the vine covered walls and harvest the delicious beetroot.
    4. Netherwart Fields - Need to make some potions in a hurry? Well there's hundreds of netherwarts calling your name here.
    5. Sugarcane and Cactus Fields - Gather some uncooked dye and uncrafted paper.
    6. Basic Carrot Farm and Cocoa Bean Stumps - Horse feed and brown dye, what more could you ask for?
    7. Basic Potato and Wheat Fields - Useful if not delicious.
    8. Pumpkin and Watermelon Farms - Masks, Lanterns and juicy watermelons.


    To donate to the event, players can bring bonemeal, seeds, or saplings to the residence and drop them into the hoppers at the various farms on the residence. These items will be used to prepare for future Harvest Day events.

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