Approved Player Games

Mar 23, 2022
Approved Player Games
  • Below you will find lists of all approved and validated player made gaming machines. There are two embedded documents: one for free games, and one for paid games.

    To have your game approved and added to this list, please message a staff member (include the SMP and res number) to set up an approval visit. Click here to start a PM with the staff most likely to be able to assist you with this.

    It is mandatory that paid games are included on this list, to prevent scamming. Owners of these machines must not alter their contraptions without first seeking staff approval to do so. For in-depth rules regarding gaming on EMC please visit the Gaming/Gambling Rules page.

    If you plan on removing an approved game from your residence, please let staff know, so they can remove it from this list.

    Free Games(top)

    Paid Games(top)

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