Loot Party Event

Dec 27, 2022
Loot Party Event
  • On April 25th, 2015, in celebration of reaching the 300,000 member milestone, the Event World functionated as a village in which players could scavenge for various hidden items. This event was announced here. The Event World was first transformed into a small village that contained 43 hidden chests, with some refreshes made for the 2016 version. These chests were scattered across the world, and when found and opened, they originally allowed players to claim a Bonus Chest item. When the Bonus Chests were activated with a right-click, valuable treasure was revealed.

    On February 28th, 2016, the event re-appeared to celebrate the 400,000 registered player milestone, as announced here.

    The event was re-imagined once more in 2016, with the 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Village. The event went on a hiatus in December 2017 for the much bigger Skyfrost event.

    In 2018, the event returned with a beautiful Japanese architecture theme (thread).

    The event returned bigger than ever in 2019 with the Winter Village. Players could collect either the Santa Hat or Elf Hat at the start, depending on luck.

    The event returned in 2020 with a massive Festive Room. Players had to find creative ways to access the tops of chimneys and other parts of the build.

    The event returned in 2021 with The Land of the Sweets.

    The event returned in 2022 with the Snowshoe Village Chest Hunt. Shortly before this event, a code update was released that listed the items a player received in their Chat, making it easier for them to see what they won.

    Players can only claim the same chest once. In 2015, players could claim 15 chests; in 2016, ten; from 2018-2022, 15 again.

    Here are some more pictures of earlier renditions of the event:

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