Winter Event - 2017 | Skyfrost

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  1. Blown in on a cold winter's wind, the village of Skyfrost floats above the voidspace of games server.
    With plenty to see and do, you're invited to take part in all that Skyfrost has to offer this Holiday Season.

    Use the portal at /Games lobby to join in the fun!


    Please be advised: Your event inventory is separate and independent from your SMP inventory.
    You will only be able to access your SMP inventory in The Hall of Giving.
    All event items are for-fun and for use in Skyfrost only.

    Skyfrost Scavenger Hunt
    Find and solve the clues hidden throughout Skyfrost for your chance to win great prizes!
    Click Here for full details.

    Ice Fishing Derby
    Think you've got what it takes to compete in Skyfrost's Ice Fishing Derby? Visit the fishing hut near Frosty Lake to get started.
    Click Here for full details.

    The Chill Zone
    The Chill Zone is the 'coolest', most exclusive place in all of Skyfrost. Players can gain access to this underground club by finding and completing the slippery parkour or the icy maze.

    The Hall of Giving
    Looking for a festive and cozy place to meet with friends for the holidays? Exchange gifts with others or host your own party in the Hall of Giving. SMP inventories will be accessible using /vault.

    Shopping, Dining and more!
    Visit the local shops and equip yourself for winter fun, or enjoy some of the tasty holiday treats found throughout the village. Please note all items are for-fun and for use in Skyfrost only.
  2. Skyfrost Scavenger Hunt

    How to Play: Find and solve the clues hidden throughout Skyfrost to complete the scavenger hunt.
    Play for fun or fill in the Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet for a chance to win great prizes!*
    • Finding Clues:
    Each clue will be found in the form of a button; there are 12 clues in total.
    You will not find any clues in the parkour or maze areas.

    • Solving Clues:
    Each clue will require you to solve a simple puzzle to get the answer.
    Each clue has a number (1-12) that you will need for the answer sheet.
    Each answer will contain bonus letters. Any letter that fills in a (_) slot in an
    answer is a bonus letter and will be used to decode the final Bonus Phrase.

    • Bonus Phrase:
    The bonus phrase is made up of all the bonus letters from all 12 clues.
    • Hints
    All of the answers will be Christmas and/or Winter themed.
    Remember to keep track of your clue numbers and bonus letters.
    It's recommended that you first work on paper, then fill in the answer sheet.
    Rules and Details:
    • The deadline to submit an answer sheet is January 02, 2018 at 11:59pm EMC time.
    • Players that correctly answer the scavenger hunt clues and submit an answer sheet before the deadline will be entered in various drawings based on their level of completion.
    • Winners will be chosen by random number generator on Jaunary 06, 2018. Prizes will be mailed by January 10th.
    • You can play the scavenger hunt in a group, but each player must submit their own answer sheet for a chance to win prizes.
    • One entry per player/household/IP; no alts. Duplicate submissions will be deleted; your best attempt will be saved. An exception may be made for multiple players living together verified through a pm with Krysyy. ________________________________________________________________

    • Drawing One: Players that correctly answer at least three (3) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of ten 5k rupee prizes.
    • Drawing Two: Players that correctly answer at least six (6) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of ten 10k rupee prizes, one of 10 Vault Vouchers, or one of 10 Stable Vouchers.
    • Drawing Three: Players that correctly answer at least nine (9) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of five Iron Supporter Vouchers.
    • Drawing Four: Players that correctly answer all (12) of the clues and solve the bonus phrase will be entered for a chance to win one of five Gold Supporter Vouchers.
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  3. Skyfrost Ice Fishing Derby

    How to Play: Grab a fishing pole and try your luck in Frosty Lake, Skyfrost's premiere fishing location. The number of fish caught will be tracked through shop sales, and the top ten players to catch the most fish will be awarded rupee prizes at the end of the event.
    • Equipment:
    You will find a shop sign for fishing poles located inside the fishing hut at Frosty Lake.

    • Registering your fish:
    All fish must be sold to the EmpireMinecraft buy chest located inside the fishing hut to be counted towards your final event total.

    Rules and Details:
    • All fish sold to the EmpireMinecraft chest between the start of the event and January 02, 2018 at 11:59pm EMC time will be counted towards event totals.
    • Any actions taken in an attempt to cheat or abuse the system will result in disqualification.

    • Top 10 Players: Each of the top ten winners will recieve 10k rupees.
    • Third Place: An additional 5k rupees will be awarded to the third place winner for a total of 15k in winnings.
    • Second Place: An additional 10k rupees will be awarded to the second place winner for a total of 20k in winnings.
    • First Place: An additional 15k rupees will be awarded to the first place winner for a total of 25k in winnings.
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  4. :eek: It's just like the easter event!
  5. This sounds amazing!

    I don't really care too much about contests and prizes myself but this sounds like an awesome adventure to undertake!

    I'm definitely going to have a look see later followed by a write up (no spoilers obviously!).
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  6. Very excited to explore :D

    Hype hype hype!

    Great job to all those involved :)
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  7. On my way, I think I solved the bonus letters all ready but will see if I am right. :p

    Well done.
  8. Interesting
  9. Congrats to the build team for creating a magical winter land. It may not be snowing in Texas, but I can enjoy the winter season virtually instead ;)
  10. great job build team! hope everyone enjoys
  11. :p now build team can go back to playing wow
  12. Wow! Thank you build team, this place is lit.
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  13. Yee can't wait to get all of the answers without any effort
  14. This looks awesome! Great job, build team, you did wonderful work and I'm excited to keep looking at it all :D
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  15. oof! I forgot today was the release! Yayayyyyy!
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  16. Thanks for the new event. Lots of work goes into these! I'm glad to hear it lasts for so long as I'll be away for a couple of days before I can play.

    Merry Christmas.
  17. Fantastic job build team!:cool:
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  18. I haven’t seen it yet but next log in I’ll check it out. The event itself seems grand so I’m sure I’ll be at the fishing hole the entire time.
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