Day 10: Holiday Chest Hunt 2020!

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  1. Active until AT LEAST January 10, 2020

    Oh no, we shrunk the players! Explore the oversized living room decked out for the holidays to find hidden chests that will give you presents. There are 25 hidden chests for you to seek out and you may claim 15. Chests that are considered well-hidden will give you better chances at better rewards, so choose wisely.

    Go to /event to start your chest hunt!
  2. A fan favorite!!!!!!
  3. Awesome... I'm online right now :)
  4. This is always fun! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays :D
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  5. So far this is amazing! Props to Build for it!!! I am having a tiny bit of fun lol :p
  6. I must congratulate the build team for the tremendous work they put into this!
  7. I hope you all enjoy the build! :D Huge thank you to my fellow Build Team peeps for all of the work they put into bringing this creation to life! I appreciate you all <3
  8. Santa has come down the chimney, delivered the presents, and is about to enjoy some milk and cookies in EMC's house!

    Thank you BT and SS for the great job. Hope everyone enjoys! Happy holidays all <3
  9. (if im not allowed to post what i got the please delete)

    the build team did an amazing job and hiding them perfectly
  10. Whats the boots?
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  11. marlix and bloody shoe
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  12. That's a nice big Christmas room. Only found 12 chests so far..
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  13. Awesome! I love the treasure hunts :) Cant wait to check out the new build \o/
  14. Great job build team. It all looks amazing.

    Is there a chest hidden up here or did I just waste like 30 minutes for nothing? lol

    EDIT: I decided all 3 accounts needed to make the climb. This was a giant pain in the rear.
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  15. I love these events :D
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  16. Love these but this one is a bit more of a Chest Parkour than a hunt. I've found at least 4 that I can't get to because I keep falling. Super frustrating for those of us who aren't Minecraft acrobats.
  17. There's are 25 to choose from. Just go for the ones that don't require parkour.
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  18. The parkour bit makes sense because we’re “shrunk down.” I think this is my favorite Christmas event on EMC... I explored every bit of the build. Thank you to those who worked on this! :)
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  19. There are actually only 2 chests that require "parkour" (the chimney and the leap of faith - which is 3 jumps I think though I can't get to that one either).

    Perhaps the obvious path is the more difficult one ;) It's probably not the only path :D
  20. I tend to fall even with 1-2 block jumps so maybe it's just me, :p I did eventually get to some of the more difficult ones. The build was amazing though, very creative this year!
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