Sep 3, 2014
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TopG now requires you to register and log in to vote... guess I won't be getting those bonus rupees anymore. :P Aug 11, 2022

    1. KaliaLlama
      TopG now requires you to register and log in to vote... guess I won't be getting those bonus rupees anymore. :P
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    2. KaliaLlama
      Help... anyone know why I cannot chat or use the command bar in-game after migrating my alt account from Mojang to Microsoft? Primary account works fine after migrating and I cannot figure out which setting(s) is different :/
      1. KatydidBuild likes this.
      2. KatydidBuild
        Sounds too simple, but did you try pressing F1 when you log in to see if it was off for some reason?
        Dec 28, 2021
      3. KaliaLlama
        I finally figured it out - it had to do with my Xbox/Microsoft settings that weren't saving & updating properly.
        Dec 28, 2021
    3. KaliaLlama
      Tried to migrate my alt account and it used my main and now I can't migrate my main account or access the game under either one. About to punch both Mojang and Microsoft in their digital faces. :(
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      2. SteamingFire
        Dec 25, 2021
    4. KaliaLlama
      That feeling when you have to buy a new computer because you can't play MC 1.17 with your outdated integrated graphics card. :(
      1. farmerguyson
        But, wait till you experience that amazing feeling when you load up Minecraft that first time.
        Jun 10, 2021
      2. crystaldragon13
        I know the feels Kalia.. I know the feels.
        Jun 11, 2021
    5. KaliaLlama
      On January 30th, 2020 the WHO declared "2019-nCoV" a global health emergency, so it feels very appropriate that I received my 1st COVID-19 vaccine today.
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      2. luckycordel
        My state is so backwards, don't have a clue when I'll have my chance. My Mother is 76 and still hasn't been able to get one.
        Stay Safe Kalia!
        Jan 31, 2021
    6. KaliaLlama
      Planning Zoo updates & wishing I had more time to play Minecraft, but working full time while preparing for the VTNE is so time consuming. :P
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      2. luckycordel
        Good Luck on your exam! :)
        Oct 14, 2020
    7. KaliaLlama
      New reduced pricing on almost all items at my Animal Shops, including 1.15 spawn eggs. Come visit at 9309!
    8. KaliaLlama
      The average adult llama is 6 ft from nose to tail. Remember to stay one llama away from others when out and about!
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      2. Sachrock
        I am now going to envision a llama flat on the floor when I go out running, so I know how far to stay away from people :P
        May 4, 2020
    9. KaliaLlama
      Animal Shops grand re-opening at 9309! New layout and pricing... and now selling 1.15.2 spawn eggs and animal-related items!
    10. KaliaLlama
    11. KaliaLlama
      My desire to get on EMC and check out the new hostile mobs is directly conflicting with the amount of wine I have consumed. #Don'tDrinkAndBattleEnragedMobs
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    12. KaliaLlama
      That feeling when you're building something in creative using stone bricks and halfway through realize you've been using monster eggs instead. :/
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      2. wafflecoffee
        Jun 8, 2018
      3. We3_MPO
        I do that a lot too.
        Jun 8, 2018
        Well atleast it was halfway I once built a mansion and fell apart cuz a witch threw a splash potion and they all started swarming me
        Jun 8, 2018
    13. KaliaLlama
      Easter & April Fools are coming up on the same day - I expect both the prank and promos this year to be epic.
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      2. __Devil_
        Oh god. That'll be both a great and worrying combination for promo's xD
        Mar 19, 2018
      3. Big__Kev
        Going to tell the kids to enjoy the easter egg hunt in the yard. Wonder how long they will keep looking for
        Mar 20, 2018
      4. 29672057602
        The smp8 prank was pretty good lmao
        Mar 20, 2018
    14. KaliaLlama
      Hoping to host my next Treasure Hunt soon - stayed tuned to the Empire Events page in the new year!
    15. KaliaLlama
      Moving, final exams and extra hours at work are getting in the way of my turkey-slaying but I am determined to wear out my clicking finger at least once this holiday season...
    16. KaliaLlama
      My new zoo is officially open! Come visit at /v +zoo on smp4. :)
    17. KaliaLlama
      The SMP4 Directory needs updating! Let me know if you have a shop or other residence you'd like to see added!
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    18. KaliaLlama
      Dear Aikar, Please bring bats back to the Empire Shop. Sincerely, Every EMCer
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      2. View previous comments...
      3. KaliaLlama
        Unless the rules have changed... you never used to be able to egg them in the wild.
        Jun 26, 2017
      4. chickeneer
        I don't think they were originally. But I am fairly certain they can be.
        Jun 26, 2017
      5. KaliaLlama
        Sooo, turns out you can egg them now. Oops, lol.
        Jun 27, 2017
    19. KaliaLlama
      Welp, time to go parrot hunting!
    20. KaliaLlama
      Sorry I haven't been on much, having some health issues but trying to hop on whenever I can to keep the shops stocked. :)
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