Celebrating 300k Members - Weekend Long "Loot Party"

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  1. EMC has hit a major milestone, 300k members have joined our server since the start of tracking it in our database.

    Normally we tracked by forum users because no one could see the in game count but me, but now everyone can on the right sidebar! This number shows our true member count.

    Normally for big mile stones we have drop parties... But the staff and I banded together and came up with a much better way to reward EVERYONE in various timezones and life schedules.

    Introducing: The Loot Party.

    We've tried to resolve nearly every political issue with Drop Parties:

    • Not being in a users Timezone, excluding them
    • User being too busy during the event
    • Users not getting anything due to being unlucky
    • Users getting upset because another player got tons of valuable stuff and they got nothing/little
    I came up with this idea and asked staff to create me a special build to make the event more fun than a drop party style arena.
    So over the past few days many of you have noticed a lot of us on Stage, sorry not 1.8 =P We've been working on this.

    Starting now, all players can type /event while in Town to teleport to a new Event world.

    This is a small village, filled with chests hidden throughout, scavenger hunt style. Some are tricky like our Easter Eggs in other things, but some are in plain sight.

    Find a chest and you can optionally claim it, receiving a random gift item. Every chest claim will give a random item (from a specific pool, not any total random item).

    Pool includes many many promos, boss armor / weapon drops, dragon stones, diamonds, emeralds, obsidian, exp bottles, TNT, many enchanting books and more (I ultimately don't remember everything).

    Every player can claim up to 15 chests (items). You may only claim a chest once, so you must find at least 15! There are around 43 chests in total.

    Which chest and how many you have claimed do carry over with you to other servers, so don't expect to go get more by switching servers. It's all saved to your player.

    To enter the event, simply type /event in town, to leave type /town.

    Have fun and enjoy!
  2. WOW!!!! Awesome thanks so much for another great fun time!!! Keep em coming..
  3. Congrats to EMC on reaching 300k members! This is a very cool idea, I'm excited to explore the event!
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  5. OH, I LOVE THIS! <3 Excellent idea! *likes*
  6. Ultra like..... Yea it's better than a regular like. :p
  7. Now this... This is awesome :O
  8. 1 month of free diamond supporter? Now that's what I'm talking about!
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  9. nice event! glad u didn't hold it on my res, one evening of chaos was enough! :) :D
  10. I want an alt!
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  11. I couldn`t agree more
    Great idea! I have already claimed my 15 :)
  12. This is really good
  13. Awesome. Nice idea considering all aspects of this, I can see it working out a lot better. Regarding the actual reason to this, congrats on 300k everyone! :)
  14. Awesome! Let's not spoil it for other people and tell the locations, okay? :)
  15. This was really fun! It took me a while to figure out a few of them, really nice work on the build and thank you all!
  16. I got a Momentus Toothpick, idk what that is or how much it goes for
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