Holiday Events - 2018

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  1. It's a Field Trip for the Holidays!

    We needed a change of scenery, and it's the perfect time for a field trip. You all are invited to travel to Japan and celebrate the holidays in a unique way with us here at Empire Minecraft. Scattered across this amazing build team creation, there are 32 chests hidden for you to discover. Each is filled with various items and will randomly give you one of the items inside as a present from EMC to you. You may choose and claim 15 of them. Take time to explore the build itself while hunting. The build team really outdid themselves with the detail and amazing quality of this build. :)

    You've got plenty of time to focus on finding the chests, then figure out which ones you want to claim. You may work with others, or try to find them by yourself.

    Type /event to get to the event.

    Note: Chests that are more difficult to get to will have higher chances of better items, so search and claim carefully. Oh, and the Staff can't tell you where they are because only Krysyy knows and she's not spilling the beans. :p

    Blizz Returns!
    Our favorite snow-hurling companion is back! (just a little late) He got sidetracked while visiting the penguins in Antartica for a documentary he claims to be making, and took the red-eye in last night to make it in time for Christmas! He's still losing bits and pieces of himself on occasion, so take advantage of his visiting while you can!

    More coming...
    • We still have more on the horizon for Holiday Events. The stockings from the deck the halls event are hung by the chimney and we're just tidying up the room a little before we have company over. The first of multiple MAIN events will be Christmas Eve (time TBD)
    • Various staff may also host special versions of your favorite events, so watch for those forum posts!
    • Don't think we've forgotten about special promo items. We're in contact with a big jolly fella in a red hat and he's helping us to make some pretty neat presents for you all...
  2. I await to see what the Blizz has in store for me while I'm mining, seeing how the Survival 2.0 update is now in place. :)

    Also, I must check out those buildings, the build team really seemed to have out done themselves. (Based on the image posted above. :D )
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  3. Hype!!!!! *Grabs a stack of waffles and sets out to find those chests*
  4. Yay! Been waiting all week for this :)
    Well done to the build team!
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  5. Awesome!!
    Can't wait!
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  6. Looks amazing! Can't wait to check it out :)
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  7. Cool beans Coolio. I love it :D GG Roslyn and the team
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  8. Cool! Happy holidays everyone! :)

    Could you please give a slightly more precise definition of "plenty"? :p
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  9. Worth noting that there were a couple of minor risk gauge improvements with this update. Strictly speaking - it should trigger less often. We did not tighten any of the constraints.
    Namely slimes should be fixed and possibly Marlix. Reminder that the system is tracking low risk encounters for EMC's bonus loot pool. So using a bow on a mob which is so far away that it won't chase you - should be considered low risk.

    Edit: to further clarify on bows. Mobs are unable to move when they are too far away from you. If this happens and they are hit by your arrow, that should rightfully be considered low risk.

    We hope to continue improving the system more into the future. If you wish to report an issue, do not hesitate to shoot me a message.
  10. Excellent stuff build team :D Can’t wait to get exploring and find some loot ;)
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  11. Wait i thought this event was in town?
  12. Not really. Use new years for your estimate though it may last longer.
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  13. Now traveling to Japan

    Yoshi (Great)
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  14. New years is plenty precise enough for now, thanks! :)
  15. my comment was about an update that was squeezed alongside. Has nothing to do with the holiday stuff
  16. Ahh ok that had me very confused thanks
  17. Awesome! This all looks great
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  18. got about half o the 15, these are pretty hard
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  19. Nice! :)
    Reminds me of the Jinsue Empire. :D
    Awesome builds! :)
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  20. The most beautiful event build I have ever seen good job build team and thanks build and staff for doing this fantastic event :)
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